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So what did you do today?


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Woke up,took a shower watched top gear UK on my PC then I ate some biryani,went out to play football with my friends came back home true ned on my PS3 played last of us multiplayer with a friend after that ate some pop corn and now I logged into psn profiles ^_^

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Woke up dreading my return to school, ate a cliff bar, went to school, played some game in gym called Survivor and kicked MAJOR ASS, got toutored after school, shopped at Trader Joe's, ate some raviolis, and meatballs, watched my brother play Final Fantasy XIII, & Left 4 Dead 2. Sat down myself and played Borderlands, Now sitting in bed, reading Psyren volumes 1-6, and slowly dowsing off...

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Woke up on the sofa.



fed dog

checked youtube

Saw what I thought was a comment on my video.

Rebutted someone's emotional opinions

Went to work

entered bizarre temporal displacement, slowing the march of time to half it's original speed.... evidently.

Snapped at a teenager who may or may not have been mocking the way I speak.

got home

cooked chicken

saw that what I thought was a comment on my video was actually some guy bashing me on Google +

Outrage that YouTube had finally tricked me into using Google + (the whole thing occurred in a drop-down on my youtube channel), I deleted my rebut...

checked my e-mail

mind blown that blizzard is accusing me of hacking a game I haven't played since early 2012

sign up for health insurance

start filling out ticket at Blizzard's support site

ask myself why I even care. Turns out, I don't.


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This Friday in the life of Rally:


Planned to get up at 5 am.

Finally stopped hitting snooze button at 5:49 am.

Worked until 7 pm.

Came home and received a warm welcome from gf Jewels and the furry felines, Casey and Bandit.

Ate dinner, watched a little bit of Doctor Who new series and Enlisted.

Raced a few races in Gran Turismo 5 while I listened to Faye's music choices for Krewella (added one of their songs to my Spotify file)

Planned on going to bed at 10:30 pm but not actually doing so until 11:35 pm.


Good night!



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woke up, ate, went to town to get some stuff,ate again,bf4,bought FCBD and crysis3,had sex while it was downloading hoping it to be done after, got dissapointed as it was at 26%, GF went to sleep, Im up writing this message and wanting to play blood dragon, wich btw is at 58%.

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