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So what did you do today?


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woke up at 6 am, went to work, came home at 6 pm and did more work that wasn't finished at work, then planned work for Monday, watched The Santa Clause with family, bought my sister a present from Amazon, logged onto PSNP, and am planning on sleeping very soon :)

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Woke up, gave the wife a ride to work, searched the interwebz, got ready for work and then worked 10 hours, got home 30 minutes late cause of weather, swept the floor, cleaned the litter box and started drinking heavily waiting for my buddy to come over. Ahh Fridays!

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-Woke up at 1 PM (have a work at 2:30 PM)


-Opened the TV while eating lunch...Fed my dog...Took a Bath... Went to work....


-During Break TIme.... went to the nearest Mall.. bought Sly Cooper Collection... wanted to buy USD 50 PSN CREDIT... not available *ugh I needed the credit to buy Flow and Journey* bought God of War Collection due to frustration instead... Paid my Mobile Phone Bill... Bought food for supper.. (surprisingly... made it back to our office before my break time ends)


-Ate while working... Good thing the bosses are not around  B)


-Went home... made it home I think around 12 AM... Fed my dog...


-Opened PS3... downloaded Tekken Revolution while playing FFXIII (got one trophy)... After the download is complete.. *ugh* it needed to download a patch that cannot background download.. played Ecolibrium (checked if my ecosystem is still balance), Soul Sacrifice(trying to get a 50/50 stats, poor Hydra, being slayed over and over got somehow bored while in 28/50), YS: MoC (played it for the first time, finished the first boss [got one trophy]), P3P(tried to grind to finished quest #69, still failed.. for today). 


-After TR finished downloading, put Flower in queue for download, played TR, *ugh* no bounce and no Xiaoyu... played as Asuka in Arcade Mode(got one trophy) it hanged after getting Perfectionist trophy, had restarted PS3, played Arcade mode again using Asuka (got another 2 trophies), tried to play again the Arcade using Lili, *ugh* no token to play, needed to wait another 30 mins... played Training Mode instead with Lili.. surprised that I still know her two 10 hit combo ^_^


-After the Flower is finished downloading (including the patch), turned off PS3 realizing it's already 5AM... changed the channel to Cartoon Network and put it in sleep mode in 60 mins... managed to fall asleep ^_^

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Woke up at 8 am...first time I've done that in about 2 weeks.

Searched Best Buy website for this week's sales.

Played some co-op play with my son on Far Cry 3 and Killzone 3.

Went grocery shopping with my g.f.

Played Texas Hold'em with g.f. and son (his request).

Watched some of the Dallas/Green Bay game.

Shopped at Best Buy.

Posted to this site.

Heading to bed.


Good night!

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Went to work, then back home i ranked up to level 43 in BF3, tried some coop missions trials in NGS2 with a French buddy, but had to stop due to the laggy connetion -_-" .

Then I watched Breaking Bad until 4am...so this morning I'm kinda in a "zombie" state...

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