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So what did you do today?


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Woke up

Went for breakfast

Thought about an old game I could Plat

Went on bike ride

Ate Lunch

Found I lost data on my YLOD PS3 for the game I wanted to finish off

Looked up for fixed

Used Hair-dryer on PS3 for 15mins Melting it inside

PS3 magically worked after cooling

Retrieved data from PS3 i didn't use for 3 years (funny seeing my old wallpaper etc)

Did some recording a speech for hw

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Woke up

Go to best buy (to renew anti virus, which expires in 4 days).

Go to Game Stop (to Cancel My order of LR FF13, because I have paid off my CE @ Square Enix Store).

Wait in line to get a free Flu shoot for I guess H1N1.

Get told by Security guard "Sorry we're all out"(looked @ him and just SMH while bitting my lips).

Go to Little Ceaser's pizza for 2 5$ pizzas.

Go to Doctor for Flu shoot.

Go home.

Eat said Pizza.


Wake up

watch some You Tube videos.

Go Outside, and just watch cars pass by while looking bored ass hell.

Turn on ps3

Look at ps3

Turn off ps3

Eat some more Pizza.

Open FF13-2 Guide, look @ it.

Face palm, and close book.

Turn ps3 on, go to PSN....download free ICO & Bio Shock infinite.

Try too do some things that need attention.

Get on Youtube 

Well that's a shitty Boring day...sucks to be sick..oh and I forgot to add something....coughing like I had a piece of hair stuck to my F'ing throat all day.


Highlight of the day: "PIZZA!!"..Real Talk.

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Woke up at 7:08 (Even though going to sleep at 2:00 A.M) Watched 2.5/3of the Arlong Arc in One Piece with cousin and my older brother, ate, turned on Vita to platinum Sound Shapes, left my Dad's house to my Mom's, got Sound Shapes platinum, watched Evangelion 2.22, with older brother and cousin while simultaneously making notecards about Tom Hanks for acedemic fair, got Sound Shapes platinum, cousin left, went down to Barnes & Noble for Tom Hanks book to help, had dinner with my Mom and brother, went grocery shopping, got home and found my Amazon order at my door..One Piece Film: Strong World! Unboxed with happiness, put it on display to stay until watched on my One Piece marathon this Saturday, ordered One Piece Colllection 3 off of Amazon, cleaned a little, did homework, played a fun couple of matches in Uncharted 3 with my older and younger brother, made fish sticks, made a few more notecards, showered, played a little One Piece: Pirate Warriors to boost towards  :gold: 10 Vs. 100,000, read some Gin Tama, and now about to go to bed.

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I played, 'Get up at 6am and go to work in -36F windchill weather' I don't recommend this game, it's not much fun and may result in injury. Give it a 0/10


Later, I hope to play Fatal Frame II, Far Cry 3 and Ni No Kuni 



EDIT: For some reason, I saw the title as 'What Did You Play Today', oh well, leaving as is.

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Woke up

Ate breakfast

Went to work

Went home after an hour due to illness


Made lunch

Hung out with my dogs

Fell down the stairs on my way to the garage

Went to the store

Came home

Ate dinner

Spent time with my niece

Watch TV


Later, I'll shower, chat with friends, go to bed

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Woke up,


Shower/brush teeth

Drove to work in hella snow

Get to work, realize as I sit at my desk that I forgot my Vita

Drive to Canadian Tire to get rubber floor mats for my new car

Picked up XL bucket of coffee from Tim Hortons (Have since gone 2 more times)

Clock watch........................

Clock watch some more

Almost 12 hours now and I am still at work.


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Woke up at 4:14 A.M. to my dog barking.  :blink:

Couldn't fall back asleep, so stayed awake watching anime on PSVita.

Went to play PS3 around 7:00.

Played 2 or 3 rounds of Battlefield 4.

Ate pancakes.

Checked the mail for my amazon order, WHICH 21 DAYS LATER, STILL ISN'T HERE.  :shakefist:

Played The Amazing Spiderman then watched my bro attempt to get Uncharted 3's platinum.

Went to Potbelly's and got a turkey and mayo sub.  :yay:

Saw Ride-Along with my Mom, her fiance, and Brother. It was pretty funny.  :giggle:

Returned my shoes for a pair smaller at Kohls' for Confirmation.

Stayed home with my Bro as Mom worked. 

Watched some Youtube, booooredd.  :blah:

Got platinum #12 today from a stack on Vita for Sound Shapes  :wave: 

Ate some Popeye's while watching Saturday Night Live.  :wub:

Learned that my little brother's dog died.  :unsure:

Played 11 rounds of Uncharted 3 to make him feel better.

And know posting this post as I'm about to sleep. :P

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