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So what did you do today?


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Woke up

feed the dog

go to bed

woke up few hours later

checked time 

sleep another half hour

woke up for good

do things in bathroom

go with dog outside

play with dog inside

work at home

do dinner for everyone

wait for everyone

eat dinner with everyone

play PS4

go with dog outside

feed the dog

work at home

do supper for everyone

eat with everyone

play PS4

go to bathroom do some things

play PS4 with friends

replay to this topic

and in few minutes: read book and go to sleep.

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12-8 AM: At work 


-Bought a box of doughnut for my self since it's Valentines day (I am not a loner or something.. I just craved it :P)

-Ate 4 doughnuts with my dog while watching TV/Play Vita (dang it is now looking like I have a lonely V Day)

-Bought some chocolates for co-workers/friends/girlfriend - got this small heart thing that says Happy valentines as freebie... and the store even wants to give me a balloon... o.O seriously???

-Ate Lunch then went to sleep around 3 PM

-Woke up at 9PM, ate dinner and went to work 

-Gave away the chocolates...

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Woke Up

Went to the post office to turn in an application for a passport (first in line!)

Went home

Had breakfast

Spent time on youtube and the forums

Took a shower

Bought lunch

Cooked lunch

Had lunch

Slept for two hours

Woke up

Had dinner

Played Guided Fate Paradox

Off-game break

Back to the games

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My day so far...not going to include waking up anymore since that should be pretty obvious. :P


Worked all morning

Went out to lunch

Went to GameStop to get DKC: Tropical Freeze

Came home

Browsed the Internet

Took a nap

Bought some stuff off the PS Store

Watched TV


Currently browsing eBay and planning on dinner soon

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