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So what did you do today?


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Just you whole day in a post.

I woke up, ate a bagel, went to school, fixed my car, completed all quests in Dragon's Crown, Played some Battlefield 4, cooked some pizza, watched What Would You Do, Re-read the entire Trigun, looked at some anime at Amazon, & bought my older brother a gift. How about yourself?

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. Woke up in my chair with Mass Effect 2 still running

. Took a shower and nearly slipped :o

. Dropped my mother off at the market for Thanksgiving supplies while I picked up my meds

. Went to the sushi buffet with my mother and sis

. Came home to find my friend in my room playing Sleeping Dogs T_T

. Purchased a broken copy of SSF IV (x_x)

. Sat down and logged onto PSNP

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.Woke up at 5:30 AM like always

.Stared at my wall in the dark til a bit of sunlight peaked in.

.Got the kids up for school, helped them get ready, and finally dropped them off ( I'm the best uncle :P )

.Fooled around in GTA V while PMing some friends on here at the same time.

.Finally ate something at 12:00 PM :o

.Now I am lurking the forums.

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