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Same List as PS4 - Other Trophy Thoughts?


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34 minutes ago, WorldsBestSpy said:

double whammy, not fully auotpop. just autopooped 3 trophies (Reach player level 50, be jumpmaster 5 times, and Well Rounded (5,000 damage with 8 different legends) but every other trophy didnt.


Ugh another 80 hours then… this takes a lot of luck too. 

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1 hour ago, cy1999aek_maik said:

Do you think these will be autopop

Don't know until I install

47 minutes ago, fbdbh said:


Ugh another 80 hours then… this takes a lot of luck too. 

I got all trophies on ps4 version at 55 hours hopefully auto pop

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Just tried it. Not a huge difference from the PS4 version, just slightly more detailed graphics.


It really makes no sense to have the same barebones trophy list 3 years after launch.

Veterans would certainly appreciate the additional incentive of a challenging platinum.


Like others have said, only 3 trophies auto-pop.


But this is still the best competitive experience out there.

I'm having a blast with Valkyrie this season.



6 minutes ago, SquallWolfhart said:

If you play this version, can matchmaking with PS4 friends?


Yup. I just played a match with a PS4 friend.



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Not gonna lie I'm glad they didn't go the Dauntless route. Which was to add trophies for like 6 content updates when they did their PS5 upgrade, it put my completion for the game down to like 60%. Granted that game was fun to bring back to 100%, if Apex did the same thing I don't think I could do it. I put hundreds, if not 1000+ hours into Apex that I can't bare to play it anymore. However if I did revisit it, atleast I wouldn't have to worry about filling out a new list.

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