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What titles are you buying in March to April?


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Project Diva and Trigger Happy (Im aware its already out), I may even get Persona 4 just to keep the console somewhat relevant when I get back home. I wish they would release the Madoka Magica game to the west at least but it doesn't look likely... oh well.

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F (Depends on if it will get a physical release here in EU. I heard it is going to be downloadable only. So I will probably skip it)

Sorcery Saga: Curry of the god (or however the name is spelled. I know it is out already, but not in EU. So I will be getting it this Friday)

Borderlands 2

Gravity Rush 2



I think that's it.

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Im not hearing too well of Dynasty Warriors 8 for Vita sadly... same can be said for Samurai Warriors 4 it seems.

(DW8 seems to suffer from various issues even if frame drop was fixed, SW4 some people say it looks crappy on Vita)


Samurai Warriors 4 only time can tell what it will become on Vita, as for Dynasty Warriors 8 i lost hope.

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