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P.s Plus games you would love to see next month?


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Far Cry 3 and AC 3 won't be added. At least I HIGHLY doubt it. They're both 2012 games.

I can maybe see Beyond: Two Souls, Thieves In Time, Army of Two, and Splinter Cell more than anything

Ac 4 and Origins are both way too new. They won't come till Q4 2014 if they even do

Saints row IV Would be very interesting considering The Third was just free a few months ago

Also, MGR disappointed me. And Dishonored is a little old for the IGC. But I HIGHLY and let me repeat, HIGHLY recommend buying that game. Even better, the GOTY edition.

Another great hopeful option - Rayman Legends? What do people think of that? I would love too see that free.

not to sound combative, but I don't understand your logic. I agree with ac4 and origins not being added, because they just came out, but what does that have to do with far cry 3 and ac3 being 2012 games?


are you trying to say that they're 2 years old, so therefore they won't be added? Because binary domain was added a few months ago (last year) and that game came out in 2011 (2 years ago)?



but how could that be the case if tomb raider, remember me, and grid 2 were all released last summer? I'm just really trying to understand your point. Sorry again for sounding combative ... :(

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For all the wishful thinking I've seen here I don't believe C.O.D. Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV, The Last Of Us, and GTA V will make the Playstation Plus free games except maybe as Timed Trials but still doubtful. IMO these games still have "sale" power and I'm sure there will be price reductions on these games for months before they ever would be considered for Playstation Plus.


Also I've seen a mention in here for Gran Turismo 5 but that is an unrealistic wishful thinking title. The game requires a huge amount of space to download for gameplay. Also a lot of its features rely on online support which ends near the end of this coming May.


As for what I would like to see, I would have to say any Lego Game since it is about time at least one of the games gets featured. Also I would love to get my hands on Diablo III if I don't end up buying it when the price drops for it.


Side note: Post 400????



Edit: *does the happy 400th post dance!*

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I wouldn't mind seeing...

God of War:Ascension- My friend let me borrow the game and I never finished it for some reason.

The Last of Us- Same friend let me borrow that and while I did complete the story twice (Once on Hard, then on Survivor) I never got to play the multiplayer since it was my friend's. 

Batman Arkham City- Not sure if this was free at some point already on PS+ but I don't think it was. Anyway, I beat Arkham Asylum and loved it, very good game. 

Batman Arkham Origins- Same reason as Arkham City. 

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII- I have and beat XIII and XIII-2 so I would like this one to see the ending of the trilogy. 

Now before anyone goes saying, "These would never happen you idiot because Etc..." I know that. The title of the thread says... "P.s Plus games you would love to see next month?" The title never specifies that the games we say have to be realistic choices. The games I've listed above are indeed games that I would like to see on PS+. 

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I'd love to see


PS4- Knack, Lego Marvel, or Strider


PS3- Diablo III would be really kickass I have never played diablo and would like to try it before I buy the PS4 version I think I might like it.  If not Diablo than at least one game I do not own. This month on plus I think there is only one thing I didn't own and it was monster hunter vita and I'm just not interested. But things like this will happen still love ps plus with a passion and am paid up till 2019 .



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Batman Arkham City and Metal Gear Rising were on PS+ before, at least in EU :D


I would like The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Origins, God of War Ascension(just because I didn't get an online pass, because I've bought it from ebay so I lack one trophy lulz) and hell give me Journey or whole season of The Walking Dead pleasepleaseplease 

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PS3-Games i would like to see in an EU-Update in the future:


- Runner 2: Future of Rhythm Alien

- The Sly Trilogy

- Ratchet & Clank Trilogy

- LEGO (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel Super Heroes...)

- Lightning Returns (don't want to buy this...)

- Resident Evil: Revelations

- Rayman Legends

- No More Heroes

- Dark Souls

- JRPG's (Disgea, Tales of Xillia, Time and Eternity...)

- Duck Tales Remastered

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I'm an RPG fan so any that I haven't atleast tried before .. this month is quite disappointing for me .. Hotline Miami is just awful (apologies if you're a fan of that game), PES 2014 -_- because I'm not a soccer fan (I prefer Rugby League in Australia <3) and if I was any good at stealth, I'd be enjoying Sly a lot more :)

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These aren't games for next month but games I would like to see in the IGC eventually.


GoW: Ascension

Ni No Kuni


Saints Row IV

The Walking Dead

The Last of Us


Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion

Lone Survivor

Diablo III

Kingdom Hearts 1.5



Some Lego Games

AAA PS4 game


But tbh I will be happy with anything as long as I haven't played it already:)

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