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P.s Plus games you would love to see next month?


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Hmm I think you guys in the US had Sleeping Dogs, I wish the EU plus would give it too. I haven't played it yet :)


Far Cry 3 and AC 3 won't be added. At least I HIGHLY doubt it. They're both 2012 games.


Far Cry 3 was already added, wasn't it? I don't know if the year is much of an issue, they gave BioShock Infinite, they are going to give Tomb Raider (I'm talking EU store here)

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The US getting MGR is extremely unlikely for one reason, they got the Blade Wolf & Jetstream Sam DLC for free because they didn't get it for PS+, for PAL it was the reverse, we got MGR on PS+ so we still have to pay for those 2 pieces of DLC. It would be unfair for the US to get it, unless we get the DLC free too (doubt that too).


I would like seeing Saints Row IV on PS+, even though I'd get the censored Australian version, it'd also allow me to get the platinum again. I just hope we don't get another FPS, I have nothing against the genre, I just totally suck at them.


Didn't I say 'wishful' thinking.

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P.S Plus will hopefully be going strong for Ps3 users for a while. Sony never seems to disappoint me with the games they add every month. What are some games you think they should add to the IGC for upcoming months?

I bet it will replace Uncharted 3 as a year game


i would like to get Ni No Kuni

But as long as they give games i dont have (so far they didnt gave anything i already have) im happy :D

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but EU + already had Sleeping Dogs as well (I think it was March last year)


Oh no! I wasn't using it back then, so I guess I missed it :(


Well, I had plenty of new games for most of the year, at least there's that. 

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One of the things I'm loving about the Plus is that it introduces me to games I wouldn't normally buy (not all of them, but about 70% of the games). I like the surprise factor and almost anything will do, unless it's a CoD, a serious racing game or a bully game like Payday/Saints Row; just not my cup of tea.

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Cod Ghosts


AC 4



None of these will ever be options

For starters, why GTA V? Rockstar has made enough money and hype off sales alone. People are still spending 59.99 for this game every day. Sony isn't just going to give it away.

Same goes to AC 4 & Ghosts. Usually games this popular aren't placed on ps plus until a year or so later.. If that

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I could definitely see Dead Space 3 or God of War Ascension be on there one day.

I would personally like to get Catherine, Persona 4 Arena, Dragon's Crown, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance or Hatsune Miku PD f.


Would also be nice to see Ni No Kuni on there so that other people can get to play it. Its such an amazing game.


Next month on PS4 will be Octodad, followed most likely by Secret Ponchos and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

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