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Game Trading

Sly Ripper

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You can use this topic to initiate game trading/selling with other users, all responsibility for handling money/sending games falls on those trading and not PSNProfiles.com.

wow, you read my mind... i was just thinking about this the other day because i use to go to another site called switchgames.com and i had a few successful trades... it was perfect... only need to play for shipping...

it would almost be worth having something in our profile that has a list of all the game that we own and what games we have for trading (not sure if anything like that is possible but it sounds good)

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I have a few games I'd be willing to trade...


3D Dot Game Heroes

Army of Two: The 40th Day

FIFA Soccer 08


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

GameStop Pre-owned


CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (generic case - no manual)

Heavy Rain


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hmm. heres what im willing to trade

-Crysis 2

-L.A. Noire

-Batman: Arkham City

-NFS Hot Pursuit (it requires an online pass, which i wont provide)

-Medal of Honor ( wont provide online pass either...)

-Castlevania: Lords of shadow limited edition. the one with the big book and two discs

-NFS - Shift

-Street Fighter IV


-Mirrors Edge

Let me know if you want any of those in a private message. i only trade with US

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Currently i have up for trade/sale:

CSI Fatal Conspiracy

Kung Fu Panda 2

The penguins of madagascar dr blowhole returns again

The Sly Trilogy (Sly 1 + Sly 2 + Sly 3 + Sly Minigames)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Limited Edition

I will also have bodycount up or trade/sale once i have the platinum

private message me with any offers or you can send me a message on PSN

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I have just remembered I have a brand new and sealed SOCOM Confrontation if anyone is interested?

I have never traded before because I normally keep all my games, but this one came with my Official Sony Mic and I don't want it.

I would possibly be interested in Uncharted 1 or AVP, does that sound fair (I'm not really sure what it's worth)?

Anyway if ur interested just send me a PM :)

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