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What is your characters name?


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My Argonian specializing in One-Handed, Shields and Restoration is Boone Justicius. It doesn't fit the race but it fits the play style given the origin of the name.


My Imperial assassin type character is either Shado or Shado Nightshade. Not very original maybe but it's a name I've used some since it was my character name in UO on the Catskills server.

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Mikael Bloodflame is my latest character.

I used to play on 360, but a friend borrowed it to me so I can 100% it with trophies too.

So I know how to do everything ^^

Mikael refers to the arcangel Michael who battled dragons in one chapter of Revelations.

Blood is what my character wants to see.

Flame represents his passion to do so.

It had to sound a bit Nordic

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