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Which Trophy/Trophies Image/s do you think look Cool/Nice?

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We've earned a lot of trophies over the years, so my question is which trophy/ trophies do you think have a cool or nice Image thumbnail?

Doesn't matter what tier of trophy it is. Some Bronze have nicer images then Platinums, so don't feel shy to post a bronze image. Don't look at the tier of trophy.

You can post a trophy image you like too.


Try adding the name of the game it belongs to, and the image of the trophy in the middle; as well the trophy's name below the image.

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                                                                                           South Park: The Stick of Truth


                                                                                                :bronze: Made This for You
                                                                             You flung a turd of your own creation at an enemy.


                                                              (One of the best brown-err, bronze trophies I have in my collection.) :)



                                                                                     Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


                                                                                                :silver: Beyond Thirteen
                                                  Proof of making the impossible possible by using Eradia to bring the world a 14th day.


                                                     (On serious note, I always though the Lightning Returns trophies look pretty cool.)

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These are some of my favourite images, from Two Worlds II;



These are very cool.


Personally I think the Walking Dead Platinum is the bestest plat trophy image in the world. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Shame because the rest of the trophy images for that game rank in some of my favs alongside any of teh bioshocks. Actually most trophys that bother to have a little bit of artwork I appritiate, bland ones just meh..make it exciting!

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There are so many that I love to look at.


Alien Isolation ​platinum




Aliens vs Predator ​- Game Over, Man!




Assassin's Creed II ​- Master Assassin




​Assassin's Creed III - ​Jager Bomb




​Batman: Arkham City - ​I'm Batman




Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - ​Welcome to WW3




Dead Island - ​How many days, exactly?




​Dead Space 2 - ​The Final Sacrifice




​Mass Effect 2 - ​Agent




​Mass Effect 3 - ​Long Service Medal, N7 Elite, Last Witness, Master and Commander, Team Player




​Persona 4 Arena - Per...so......na...!      




Skyrim - ​Platinum, The Eye of Magnus, Darkness Returns, Oblivion Walker



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