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Pokemon X or Y ?


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Wich version should I get ? 


I'm not interested in Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire since I've played too much Emerald back in the days.


For example : If I choose one version , can i still trade in pokemons with somebody else to get the pokemons i can't catch on my version ?


I want to know if the game is really good cause my mood on playing pokemon varies depending on the times.



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It doesn't matter which one you pick, the Global Trade System will let you get all the version exclusive Pokemon X if you pick Y


Exactly what I was going to say.


In terms of it being good: IMO it was a huge step back up from the black and white series, but I must say I didn't enjoy it as much as the ones I played as a kid (Kanto -> Sinnoh). But maybe I'm just getting to old for it. (no offence to people of my age+ that still enjoy it of course)

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Well, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire offer up quite new content and many new things, so it's not like you're playing a full faithful remake. It's different enough to the point where it's worth buying even if you had the originals. Not to mention the remakes are superior over X & Y to, pretty significantly to. 


Anyways, I say go with Y, just because the first versions always get too much love and attention although I prefer Xerneas.

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I will suggest getting Y since Yveltal is soooo coool. Although Xerneas is better than Yvetal because of its amazing move Geomancy. But I think Yvetal is a lot cooler than Xerneas so I will suggest getting Y. The difference of pokemon between Y and X isn't really an issue since there is Global Trade System where every pokemon could be obtain through trading. And the Friend Safari can also let you getting more Pokemon. And there is only tiny difference between the plot.

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I would take a look at the link that Parker gave and see if any version exclusive Pokemon are ones you'd want. As has been said though, you can always trade for other version's exclusives. Or read the story differences of both and see if one appeals to you more than the other. I personally plan on getting X so I can get Aggron without having to trade.

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do you like rainbow fairy deer or demonic dark birds?


Nah who am I kidding,  do you like...


6-mx.png     OR   6-my.png

This Charizard                               That Charizard

I prefer That Charizard  B)

After analising deeply the two versions,i'l strongly choose Y cause of one single factor : The X version has Poochyena   :|  so ,yes it sucks.

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I picked X because everyone picked Y for "reasons" like...

"Y-legendary is so cool" - I must pick it too, because hype! ... or

"X-legendary is so gay" - So I must find it gay too, because hype for Y and Im unable to have my own opinion! ... or

"all my friends picked Y too" - Who cares about we can trade Pokemon when I have X and he/she Y? I want Y because he/she also has Y! - ... or

"everyone picked Y so I must pick Y too." - Hype! Hype! Hype!


... Really, thats the way Im thinking. When the mainstream says about something it sucks, it gets my interest. :P

Here in my region the mainstream says that everything that isnt AAA or "blockbuster" sucks, because graphics. So, Im into "weird", "childish" and "perverted" japangames with "childgraphics" now, because I hate FPS, and this genre is so SUUUUPERRRR *imagine dacing Franky (OnePiece) here* for me that this is now my favourite genre. xD



because Pokemon... there is an other reason I picked X...

X-legendaiy is a fairy (new type since X/Y) and it has the passive to boost other fairys. So my beloved Guardevoir (which is since X/Y fairy as second type) gets boosted in doublefights. ^_^


So, read about differences and pick your version for your reasons. This topic is unrelevant in my opinion, because there are things nobody is able to help.

Seriously. This is like in love ... Imagine you are gay. Would you be proud about it to be forced hetero just because other "picked this decision" for you? I guess not :)


Why I picked PlayStation instead of XBox or PC? ... JapanGames. Majority, at least in my region, picked PS4 because graphics. (Why not PC then...?)

It makes no sense for me. Why people do not pick their plattform based upon games?

Why you are asking which version of Pokemon you should pick up? :) Its YOUR decision.

Im also accepting the decision from "PS4-Masterrace" which is the same way retarded like "PC-Masterrace" imo. But I think humans are really stupid. They form groups, see themself as "Masterrace" and fight each other and nobody really cares about the fact botch factions do it for the same reason. They are both graphicwhores and idiots in this example.

Its like Religion...

"My religion is more peacefull than yours!" *throws pigblood at mosque because we dont want people that are different than we are*

"NO! MY religion is peacefullier than yours!" *throwing stones at you until you are dead*

"Gentlemen-san, my religion is the peacefulliest from all." *harakiri (suicide)*


Humans should start creating their OWN opinions. Most of them are acting like zombies. "I must do this and that because the others are doing it too!"

Think about it... You prefer one version because: ... ? Its not that hard. Give it a try. :)



Oh and yes, Im this well known person here, who overuse their bow and shoots waaay to far over the target. And then Im falling into a lake full of missunderstandings from other people. But, yeah, guess I can accept it meanwhile. I mean, at least I should, because this is a fact that probably never would change.

"OMG this person is different from us?! HATEZOOKA?! FIRE!!!" ... ;)

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\              /

 \            /

  \          /

   \        /

    \      /

     \    /

      \  /



      /  \

     /    \

   /       \

 /          \


Made it by myself because i was bored.


Err, i mean in my opinion you should take X instead of Y.


EDIT: Looks crappier than i expected, but fuck it.

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