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Precision-Playys next RPG.



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  1. 1. What RPG shall i play next.

    • Kingdoms Of Amular: Reckoning
    • Dragons Dogma
    • Tales Of Xillia
    • Tales Of Graces F
    • Okami HD
    • Lord Of The Rings: War In The North
    • Dragons Crown
    • Dragon Age: Origins
    • Shadow Of The Collosus

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Damn that's a hard decision.


I hear Dragon's Crown is really glitchy. (at least I think it's this game)

Dragon's Dogma is best played on the Dark Arisen edition. 

Dragon Age Origins is really good but the battle system was it's biggest weakness imo. 

I hear both Tales games are great.

Idk much about the LoTR game but have read it's good. (it generally seems like the best LoTR game aside from SoM if you count it.)

Kingdom of Amalur is supposed to be great too.


Since I just don't have enough personal experience with all these games, most of which are on my list lol, I'd have to go with DAO.

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Not too sure how good any of these games are, just wanted your opinions on which one is the best and which game i would enjoy based off the RPG's i have played so far :)

What, no Star Ocean 4? 


It's a difficult choice to pick only 1 game. I recommend the following games:

  • Dragon's Dogma: the story is kinda meh, but this is one of those games you play for the combat. You can change your class at any time by talking to certain people, each enemy type has its own strategy to take them down, you can attack and cut off special parts of large enemies, it's possible to hire pawns from other players.
  • Dragon's Crown: a fun side-scrolling beat 'em up RPG with an interesting story. You can choose from 6 characters and change them at any time in the inn. There are secret areas and runes hidden in every level, bosses are diverse and some require special strategies, loot improves the longer you play levels without returning to the town, but this means you'll play the same 9 levels over and over again (although there are 2 paths in each level). But it doesn't matter, find a few friends who also play this game and have fun. I didn't mind going through the same levels over and over again while playing online co-op.
  • Okami HD: a real masterpiece with a unique art style. I really enjoyed this game. It's based on Japanese folklore. Long ago the 8-headed snake Orochi reigned with terror and every year the village near it's lair had to sacrifice a maiden to the snake to keep it from devouring the village. A brave hero and a white wolf defeated the snake and sealed it away. Now Orochi has been released again and covers the world in darkness. You play as the sun goddess Amaterasu and embark on a quest to stop Orochi and uncover the truth. Definitely a good recommendation.
  • Dragon Age Origins: choose between 3 different classes and choose from 6 possible origins. The origin will determine how NPCs treat you in the game. I.E. a human noble is treated with respect whereas a City or Dalish elf is treated as a disposable tool and a slave. You can be a Mother Theresa or a selfish bastard. The story is amazing, but it does requires some time to get into the lore. It's best to play all 6 origins first so that you will understand what happens later in the game. The graphics are outdated and the combat is slow (the game was released in 2009 and had been in development for a few years), but nonetheless it's still a great game to play.
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Not too sure how good any of these games are, just wanted your opinions on which one is the best and which game i would enjoy based off the RPG's i have played so far :)

Dragon Age: Origins

Aside from the horrible technical performance, DOA is certainly one of the best western RPG ever made.

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