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Paris Games Week: Sony's Conference Predictions


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I can't find a similar thread, so direct me there if there is one ;)


Since PlayStation's PGW conference is tomorrow at 5pm GMT, I thought it might be fun to have some predictions on what's going to be announced. Keep in mind this conference is Sony's substitute for Gamescom, so I doubt it'll have announcements on the scale of E3, but hopefully we get some solid info on a few games, and some new announcements!


My Predictions are:


They turn up 5-10 minutes late as always




Playstation VR gets a pricepoint, release date (Q2 2016) and launch lineup that includes:


No Man's Sky (All but confirmed at this point, Hello games has a PSVR Devkit and aren't allowed to answer any VR related questions)


Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls remaster (Similar to how Heavy Rain re-released on PS3 to be Move compatible, gives a reason why a simple remaster that was announced months ago still hasn't released.) 


Gran Turismo 7


3rd party devs worked with Sony to get a few existing games working with PS VR. (Bit of a stretch considering VR's limitations but I could see it)


A couple of other unannounced games.


A sizzle reel of other Indie developed games (Sony love their montages of games)



Quantic Dreams new game, codenamed 'Singularity' revealed, releasing late 2016, VR compatible. 


A bunch of indies shown off, including WiLD, the Tomorrow Children, Rime, That-Jonathan Blow-game-I've-forgotten-the-name-of.


Bloodborne DLC trailer


'Filler' trailers for this Holidays lineup, such as Black Ops 3 and Battlefront.




A teaser trailer for Sony Bend's new game, to be fully revealed at PSX in a month.


That's all I could think of for now. Unless Sony are planning on releasing PS VR late 2016, I think this is their last chance to get it all revealed to the casual gamers, as they should keep PSX focused at the more hardcore crowd. My predictions are a bit VR heavy, but I think if they want it too succeed they have to make a big push on it to prove it. We can't have another Wonderbook. I would imagine that their more exciting stuff like all their U.S studio's games and the rumoured PS 4.00 Firmware update will be revealed at PSX, so I tried to keep my predictions EU centric.

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VR will really take off once VR porn is easily accessible for it. Sony could really take reigns and blaze new ground here... And since it's Europe there is less chance of prudish behavior than the US, right?


So I predict a steady stream of porn-themed presentations and announcements after the conference leads off with the announcement, price point and release date for the VR.

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Completely forgot about Guerrila games being based in EU, so maybe a Horizon trailer/gameplay reveal? Also, Media Molecule's Dreams should get shown off too.



I hope No Man's Sky doesn't require VR...

That won't happen, there's footage of it being played on a TV, if it mysteriously became VR-only it'd raise a shitstorm. 


I just wanna see Last Guardian please.

That's a TGS game if anything, we'll probably see more at PSX or E3. 



Just show me some gameplay from Nier 2 and I'm set.

Isn't that game super early, like not even pre-alpha yet? I don't think we'll see anything about it for another year or so.

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I just wanna see Last Guardian please.

Same here, I love Team ICO work so far, can't wait for this game...


Also Quantic Dream game might be awesome, because they know the mistakes made in Beyond Two Souls and why Heavy Rain was better. Hoping they learn from their mistakes and make a masterpiece.

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I think we might see more of Horizon. Nothing crazy, but maybe another trailer or demo even. Can't say Im very excited about QD's new game after beyond two souls kinda fell on its face. David Cage gonna David Cage. 


The big mystery is What the fuck is "Dreams"? Media Molecule are so close to shitting the bed with that game, they really need to come out and drop the whole artsy shtick they always pull and show us what the fuck the game is. They've been trickling out more and more details leading up to PGW but I still have no idea what the hell it is. 


I do think it'll be indie heavy but the VR stuff not so much, only because its hard to show off. Its smarter to show it off at PSX at kiosks or something, since the people there are the people that'll be on board day 1. If No Mans Sky doesnt get a release DATE then I dont know what the fuck is going on with that game either. We've seen it for what feels like an entire development cycle. 


But my "out of left field" prediction would be Deep Down being shown again xD. Remember that gem? 

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Those predictions... Are actually pretty reasonable.

I just hope Civilization Revolution 2 Plus and Xcom: Enemy Unknown Plus get revealed to because that's likely the only stuff Vita is ever going to get. Given how the former has already been confirmed to release in Japan and both already have ESRB/PEGI ratings, I think this is the conference they'd announce them at.

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#basedHarada won the conference, no doubts =D



But damn, guys, Gravity Daze looks TOO DAMN GOOD!



Also, EU best, they know how to handle JP presenters! :D You let them speak and THEN you translate!



Engrish best language! ENGRISH BANZAI!

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