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Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary Edition coming to PS4

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I grew up with this game. Played Duke Nukem 3D in January 1996, only the shareware version was available as the full version of the game was not around until a few months later. Beat the first episode within two to three days.


Then the full version came out and I played the crap out of it. Later on the Atomic Edition was released which contained The Birth episode. Bit trickier than the previous three episode especially that boss level with the purple sludge (you get hit for damage even when you're not touching it), but beat it nonetheless.


The only concern I have is the new episode. Kind of curious what the developers have to say about Duke Nukem since the original game came out 20 years ago. I love Duke Nukem 3D, but it looks so primitive and simplistic nowadays compared to Call of Duty Black Ops III or even this year's DOOM game.

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I think it's cool that they are doing this, I believe they are bringing back the original team that worked on Duke Nukem 3D? Also this has some new Levels, Music and Voice Overs. I always liked Duke Nukem 3D but I never bought it when I had to chance to on PS3 before it was removed from the Store. I would love this to have a Physical release but It's probably only going to be Digital. I do think the price is kinda high for a Game that's 20 Years old with some new things added here and there though.

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