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"Delete" a 100%or platinum from the person above


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On 3/28/2017 at 7:04 AM, Maxie the Mouse said:

I'd remove GTA V so you can see your long consumed time on the Multiplayer... WASTED! :awesome:


That's not too bad actually, if we mean the PS4 one.  I play GTA V every weekend with my friends in real life and family.  Also got it done in 1 week, 10th fastest ever.  I'd appreciate the opportunity to be number 1 now that I know what trophies glitch and don't pop and why (see my thread on the one that really annoyed me). Although to be fair, character transfer on PS3 to PS4 is no longer supported, so no more autopopping online stuff.


Anyway, so you probably saw this one coming:  Mousecraft.



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