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Top 5 Critically Mixed Games You Quite Like

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Hey All.   Had an awesome reponse on "Top 5 Games You Unexpectedly Adored" thread.  In a similar vein, what are 5 games that didn't review amazingly that you really enjoyed regardless of its clear limiations? Or even thought reviewers compeltely missed the point on?


If we're to set score benchmarks, lets say 5 - 7 out of 10s, or 50 - 75% on Metacritic, although its really not a rule and would love to hear responses regardless!  Things like negative fan response or general feelings of lower quality compared to previous series entries would be applicable too.


These are mine:


1) Mafia III (68% on MC) - I really like this game.  I also completely agree with the criticism; that is repetitive, glitchy, and has a hollow open world.  If someone said "I don't like Mafia III" I would completely understand.  I really hope that the poor reception doesn't kill the franchise, I think a lot of lessons can be learned.   For me, the engaging story and character development was enough for me to get 1960/1960G on Xbox (or 100% if I had played it on PLayStation), and for non-completionists I think it is worthwhile playing in a quiet month.   DLC is trash, even I can't avoid that.


2) Fe (70% on MC) - The most recent one on here, Fe got a mixed reception and I think a lot of the reviews were extremely harsh.  It does have some world design issues and is frustrating at times, but as someone who enjoys platformers I think the core mechanics work and the aesthetic is gorgeous without sacrificing too much gameplay.  I think a 7.5/10 or 8/10 is fair, and I recommend you play it.


3) AER: Memories of Old (70% on MC) - This is going to be a polarising comments; AER was in my top 10 games of 2017, and I think its really good.  I have this weird thing for Journey / Abzu esque games, and that ambiguity and emptiness can sometimes deter people.  Again, I understand, and its valid.  For me, though, the beauty of AER capitvated me.  I also thought that the world design was breathtaking, it had a nice original concept, and the labrynthian type puzzles were actually very fun.  It's also a super easy completion, for those interested.


4) The Order: 1886 (63% on MC) - Have I gone mad?  Possibly.  Regardless, I actually enjoyed the Order: 1886 quite a bit.  It deserved its criticsim; it was tragically short and suffered from significant pacing problems, but I thought the gameplay was decent (if non-progressional) and was ultiamtely an enjoyable experience, which at the end of the day is what matters.  I really don't think the Order is worse than a 7/10, and I think its worth playing.  Once again, super easy plat for those interested (it was my first ever platinum on this account).


5) Prey (79% on MC) - I put this one last as I've semi-broken my rule here; Prey got 79-84%, which is pretty good.  However, some of the reviews were borderline moronic in my opinion; I got into a personal arguement with the IGN reviewer who gave the game a 4/10 despite liking it purely because of a "game breaking glitch" that was promised to be patched (and was) within 48 hours (fun fact; he reversed this review to an 8/10 literally the day after our spat).  Gamespot's 6/10 was also shoddy.  For me, this was the best first person adventure-esque game I'd played since Infinite, and I compare it to BioShock more than its sister franchise Dishonored because I think it's a truer comparison.  The level design was great, the story was actually really interesting and I thought the game was of a very satisfying length.  I agreed with criticisms on enemy types and combat, although I don't think the latter was that serious an issue.   Also the "No Needles" trophy/achievement was kind of brutal.


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1. Yooka-Laylee (68 on metacritic): I just loved this game, I miss the N64 days, and yooka-laylee gave me what it promised. 

2. Tricky Towers (72 on metacritic): ACHIIIIIII!!! This game was just fun, specially playing with friends. 

3. Just Cause 3 (73 on metacritic): A 73 on metacritic? Really??? This game isn't perfect, but it's way better than a 73.

4. Table Top Racing: World Tour (55 on metacritic): It doesn't deserve a 55 on metacritic, Trackmania Turbo is waaaaaaay better, but this game is okish, it was enjoyable. 

5. Destiny (76 on metacritic): I understand the hate on this game, but I just had a blast with it. Although if I was offered my hours back playing this game, I would take em, but that's not how life works... not planning to buy destiny 2, that game actually looks bad. 

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I don't have a concrete top 5 but I do have five games that come to mind


- Assassin's Creed 3, lovely story, wild gameplay, loved the hunting/stealth, and think its the best in the series, connor sequel plz

- The Last Guardian, was extremely mixed but when i actually played it i found it to be lovely

- Agree on The Order 1887, the game gypped a lot of people back when it was sixty dollars because of its length, but still some of the best visuals ive ever seen, looks better than real life, sequel at E3 would be lit

- Snake Pass, not necessarily panned but got average reviews, u play as a little noodle boi whom'st slithers through platforming levels

- Styx: Master of Shadows: good stealth game with good stealth mechanics, love the goblin main character and despite its low budget had some really smooth controls/level design



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1.  Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine PS VITA (4.1 User Score MC) - I hated this game for many reasons; however, I am only putting this here because I DID enjoy the RPG element (and the fact that once I leveled up my characters I could practically kill everything with one punch - no pun intended with the one punch, maaan).


2.  Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day PS3 (56% MC) - Although the game was very short I enjoyed it because it was fast paced.  The art was amazing!  The story... I have to agree with the reviews on this one and say that the game (and anime shorts with the game) are aimed at a certain audience.


3.  Digimon World: Next Order PS4 (68% MC) - Loved this game because I loved the Digimon World series on the Playstation (Fun fact that no one cares about: I only beat Digimon 1).  This game, along with Digimon World 1, is like a Tamagotchi on a game system, so it isn't for everyone which is what contributed to its low score.  And while this is a sequel to Digimon World 1 and massive improvements have been made I felt that the plot was... lacking or something.  Haven't quite figured out what was wrong with it.  Not to be one of those people but the English dub was horrible (thank god Japanese VOs was an option).

4.  Lost Planet 2 PS3 (68% MC) - Never played any other Lost Planet game except this one and a friend/clan mate begged me to get this game before he got shipped out to basic training.  Other than getting a defective disc and sucking online, I really enjoyed this game.  I had so much fun playing with my friend that summer and I miss those days.  Actually, I miss him; I haven't talked to him in years. 


5.  Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate XBoner One (73% MC) - I played this with another friend.  Never played Dynasty Warriors, so based on the reviews I cannot make an accurate comparison.  Tons of characters to choose from, decent graphics, and a decent plot.  It's a hack and slash.  What more could you ask for?  



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1. Lightning Returns (66% MC): I really loved this game. I didn't like it initially and actually left it on my shelf for 2 years as I had found it hard and lost to the chocobo eater because I went too early, and the Piggyback guide was hard to follow. Two years later, I decided to pick it up again and followed the TrueAchievements walkthrough which was perfect, didn't die or end have to think about all the million missables and hidden side quests (this game seems impossible to 100% without a guide as nothing is clear and none of the side quests have any indicators). I really enjoyed the solo battles, high degree of customisation with all of Lightnings outfits with different ability combinations (a bit like dressspheres in x-2, my personal favourite game) and weapons. The game design was lovely, not having to grind and various difficulties with Lightning building on stats with each playthrough made this game my second favourite FF after X-2. Also, Light is my no.1 gaming characters of all time.


2. Tales of Berseria (79%): This game had it's downfalls, such as lack of recovery and healing capabilities with a heavy focus on combos and going in for the kill whilst still avoiding attacks making it harder for those not great at action games. Also, for trophy hunters it is tedious. But from a story and gameplay perspective, this game was fantastic. I play Japanese versions so the issue about bad English voice acting (which seems to be a common theme in Tales reviews, although I've never heard those voices myself so I can't judge) is something I can't comment on but seems to have lowered the score. I really liked the fast paced combo heavy battles, funny skits and odd mix of characters. Also, I thought Velvet was an amazing main character as I quite like strong females and she reminded me a lot of Lightning.


3. Amnesia V Edition (72%): My first and most favourite Otome game. The score was lowered for just being an otome game, hence very niche. There were some negatives written such as too many bad ends, really weird clothing, extreme character personalities, voiceless empty heroine etc. But personally I found the extremeness of the characters and dramatic clothing in the middle of normal every day Tokyo to be quite interesting and fun. I much prefer a little fantasy and unrealism as opposed to it being just like normal everyday boring life. The bad ends were traumatic though, it ached my heart a bit to be honest. I hated the protagonist though, too empty, weak and submissive. 


4. Collar x Malice (74%): Another otome game as I really love otome games. Like Amnesia, many bad ends, extreme character personalities, less romance than Amnesia etc. were a few issues raised. But I really liked the main character Hoshino who was strong willed and driven, much better than Amnesia's empty shell. The whole crime investigations and story side of things was really good, and the romance was just right with lovely CGs.


5. Tales of Xillia 2 (71%): Excellent dark/more mature story, great choice system where you can raise friendship with characters based on your choices in skits, 3 possible endings and the best Tales battle system in my opinion. Ludgar being able to use 3 different weapons, a large party of 9 characters who were all a great mix, nice amount of side quests for a bit of character back story and beautiful game world design.  However, many people hated the debt system and the silent protagonist. The trophies are also tough, grindy and time consuming but worth it imo. X2 is my favourite for story and characters of all Tales games. 

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Yakuza: Dead Souls (64%) - I highly recommend it to anyone, a great spinoff and a very, very fun game;

Mafia II (75%);

Saints Row IV (76%);

Destiny (76%);

Spec Ops: The Line (77%)


Honorable mention(s): Driveclub (71%), Deadly Premoniton: The Director's Cut (70%) and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (72%).




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Assassin's Creed 3 - 85%: It's not so much that this game was critically mixed but more so that the fanbase was pretty split. I for one loved the setting, story, and didn't mind the slow parts, though I can see how they could be off putting to someone.

The Order 1886 - 63%: I really enjoyed this game, but maybe it's because of the circumstances I played it under, having only payed $10 for it. I thought the graphics and world were stunning, the story actually held my attention, and the gameplay, while basic, was solid enough especially with the interesting guns and visceral effects.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate - 61%: This is kind of a similar situation to The Order, as I got this one for $3 or $5. A couple years ago Wanted was one of my favorite movies, so to be able to play a half decent shooter based off the movie with some cool abilities and easy trophies was more than enough for me to have some fun. 

I've kind of run out of ideas lol so I'm just putting this one here too:

COD Advanced Warfare - 83%: Like AC3, this game was received well by critics, but its the fan reaction I'm more interested in. I thought the exo suits were a good addition, because we'd had over 10 years of boots on the ground COD (although they are definitely overused now). This is definitely my favorite PS4 Call of Duty game. 


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1) Dead Space 3 (76%) - Again that 1% doesn't account for the amount of hate this game received leading up to release. To this day, some people will compare horror elements of other games to Dead Space and again the hate train for this game comes about. A lot of the hate is from microtransactions that EA put into the game. If anyone has played this, you know they don't force it down your throat like a lot of other games do. Also despite what some people say about it seeming more action-oriented, what do you expect? I think Viscreal did a fantastic job still giving us plenty of jump scares. In my opinion, the story was really great. 


2) Assassin's Creed Rogue (72% on Metacritic) - I really loved the story for this and I really enjoyed the gameplay. I know a lot of people were burnt out on this series before it released, and this was easily the forgotten of the two (Unity came out the same day). 


3) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (75%) - I really thought that Sanzaru did a really great job at bringing back Sly and the gang after being gone for so long. I really would love another Sly game. 


4) Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus (76%) - I know it's 1% above 75, but I love Ratchet and Clank. A lot of people ripped this one for it's short playtime, but I thought it had some of the better weapons in the entire sereis, at least until the reboot of the original came along.


5) Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection (64%) - I grew up loving Dragon Ball Z, and this was one the first fighting games I was actually good at. Replaying it was a complete blast. 

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So I am going on a whim here, reverse sorting meta critic and finding things I actually enjoyed(ish). Here goes nothing. Side Note: Thank you for this fun exercise, it made me realize I tend to enjoy many crappy games (lol)


1) Crazy Strike Bowling EX (48% MC): Honestly, this game isn't that bad, for a bowling game. I bought this on a whim because it was like $1.99 or something, so it's totally worth it for some trophies, and there is some bowling fan service if you are into that sort of thing.

My Score: 6/10 (+12%)


2) Aaru's Awakening (59% MC): This one is frustrating as heck but its kind of fun in a masochistic way. It's different, for a platformer, which isn't always easy to do.

My Score: 6.8/10 (+9%)


3) Loadout (59% MC): This is currently the game I'm playing for trophies because of the server shut down. It's pretty quirky and fun, but really unbalanced. It's also filled with 100s of angsty 10 year old who will insult you at every moment.

My Score: 7.2/10 (+13%)


4) Contrast (59% MC): This was the first PS4 I played, the story is pretty interesting even though everything is glitchy as heck and falling through the floor gets really old. 

My Score: 6.9/10 (+10%)


5) The Order: 1886 (63% MC) Okay, the game was really short but  I don't think it deserved this rating. Being a member of the Order was actually really fun, the game looks awesome, and the weapons were fun as heck.

My Score: 8.5/10 (+22%)



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Fuck it, I guess this is what I'm doing instead of finishing up one of the essays I have due soon.

I've listed the scores for the versions I played the most. The scores are different for other versions but I'm not talking about the other versions am I, so get bent.


Enter the Matrix (PS2 62%)

Rented it long before I ever even saw The Matrix, just enjoyed the slow mo and kung fu. Would later be what got me into The Matrix series as a whole. Controls are fun, slow motion is cool, kung fu moves are a blast, gunplay is terrific, and so on. Proper voice cast / mo cap from the movies and even deleted scenes / new stuff done just for the game to bridge the gap between movies, on paper it's about as good of a movie game as you could ask for... so why the fuck did everyone hate it? Game was challenging as fuck at times, hell, I don't think I ever actually finished it (did use the hacking minigame to get to the end though), but damn, it was good shit. I understand a lot of people don't like the sequels, I rewatched Reloaded a year or so back and it wasn't as bad as I remembered but I never rewatched Revolutions any time recently as I think it's infinitely worse. Maybe the disappointment of the sequels came into it? I don't know. Either way, I really enjoyed the game as far as tie ins go and I think it deserved better. PS2 isn't even the lowest rated version :'(


Spider-Man 3 (PS2 50%, 60% PS3)

Being the Spidey fan I am, I played pretty much every version of this game (yes, even the GBA one, which by the way, Spidey 2 on GBA is fucking amazing, shitload of cool side scrolling levels, and then some OPEN WORLD 3D SWINGING HUBS on the god damn GBA? Shit yeah) but let's be real, it came out in 2007, at a time when all I had was a PS2 so that was the version I played most. I played the shit out of it. Sure it was a MASSIVE step down in physics, graphics, story, visuals in general, performance, writing, acting, the map, loading, side missions, literally all of it. It's shit compared to Spidey 2 no doubt, but when taken on it's own, it's still a decent Spidey game. It's got a significant upgrade tree not found in any other versions, it's got a cool system based on criminal gangs and their turf control/wars, and so on. It's a pretty cool little game for the leftover console while the big boy PS3 got the real sequel. Plus it had Morbius and Shriek, and let you swap to the black and red suit willy nilly. Cons though, can easily be clocked in around 3 hours.


Now the PS3 version... I used to be disappointed by it too. It's long, it's not really that engaging, the story is pretty average, the graphics are ehhh, the physics are a bit questionable, and overall it just kind of seemed like it was kind of average, especially in the shadow of Spidey 2 and Ultimate. But that was before the Beenox games. Now with that shit taste left in my mouth, I jumped back into the game (albeit on 360) recently and it's actually really good. Amazing 1 and 2 the webs just shoot off into the sky, he's basically invincible, there's nowhere near as much upgrading, the physics are god awful, and there's a disturbing lack of Bruce Campbell (and Tobey Maguire) in the "Amazing" games... though to be far, the original version of Amazing 1 did have a few Bruce cameo missions. Anyway, the physics in the game are FANTASTIC, it's pendulum based, so the way he swings and gains momentum is like a pendulum, and when you take the time to get the hang of it properly the thing is an absolute blast to control and honestly, when you're just watching him swinging around it genuinely looks like the movie, the WAY he swings, there's a certain grace to it that I can't explain, it just works and it looks fantastic. Not to mention the graphics, the color and contrast can be absolutely fucked but if you find the right setting or right time of day, the buildings look pretty good and the Spidey model is tremendously detailed. Visually it's quite nice to look at, and the length of the game (Hot damn) it's an easy 12 hour and that's probably short changing it, there is a LOT to do here and that's just the main damn story, not to mention the limitless time you could spend swinging around or stopping crimes or doing races and so on, just over ten years on, I finally realized what an amazing game they made and no one else seemed to fucking recognize it. (Same goes for Web of Shadows tbh but I knew that from the second I played it on my friend's PS3 back in 2010)


Duke Nukem Forever (51% PS3)

I'm sure by now enough of you know where I stand on Duke that I don't really need to talk about it, and yet, here we are. Duke Nukem Forever is a disappointment. It's nowhere near what it should have been and would have never lived up to the expectation. Buuuut, if you throw that away and look at it as I did when it came out, a near 15 year old who just enjoyed games and tits, the game is an absolute treasure. Duke is balls to the wall over the top madness and the whole thing is an ode to the hyper masculine one line slinging macho men of yore. Sure it plays a lot like Halo at times despite making fun of it. Sure even when overlooking all that stuff it's still probably just an average shooter with ridiculous pop in and even more ridiculous load times. But, but, but being an average shooter with a funny sense of humour and over the top action is nothing to be ashamed of. If the game got 7s or 8s I wouldn't need to defend it, but the Duke is much better than a measly 51%, which again, isn't even the lowest scoring version. Also this introduced me to the Duke series as a whole and nowadays Duke 3D is one of my all time favorite games, much better than Forever (obviously) but Forever is still a fun little thing, it's like if a modern shooter *tried* to be an old school shooter and that's all it was ever really likely to be anyways. I love it. PS the pinball trophy is a fucking nightmare and is honestly almost worth not bothering with the platinum for.


Simpsons Wrestling (32% PS1)

It's a shitty, ugly, lazy, uninspired, late to the party (2001 on PS1, come on), just all round average at best fighting game with the Simpsons and friends attached to it. But fuck you if I don't like it. Menu screen is just a still image? Check. Background of all fights is boring, dull, and nothing happening? Check. Literally every ring looks the same? Check. The whole thing is an exersize in average and yet, there's something darkly fun about making Groundskeeper Willie smash the living shit out of an eight year old girl. Gameplay's pretty damn average but it works, once you figure it out since it never explains anything anyways. And besides, it's miles better than Simpsons Skateboarding at least. As far as the quadrilogy of early 00s Simpsons rip offs go (Wrestling being WWE, Road Rage being Crazy Taxy, Skateboarding being Tony Hawk, Hit and Run being GTA), it's only the second worst entry. Am I saying it's good? Fuck no. Am I saying it's undeserving of being ragged on even? No. Am I saying it's still quite fun if you're a hardcore fan of The Simpsons like myself? Most definitely, at least worth a quick whirl on an emulator for a laugh if nothing else.


Black Ops 3 (No overall score, but 1.4% user score on 360 and overwhelming negative responses elsewhere)

I only just got this yesterday to be fair, but I played just under an hour and a half of the multiplayer in this today while the baby was down and it's fine. It's the same old COD Black Ops 3 you know and love (or hate, whatever) but a bit uglier and on last gen. All your customized shit is still there, pick ten and all that, the levels are identical (albeit more ugly and a couple swapped textures here and there) and you also got zombies but I never played zombies aside from the odd go in Blops 1 years back. This one gets a lot of flack for not having a campaign (deserved), for being uglier than the last gen CODs that came out a couple years ago (deserved), and for only being ten bucks less than the full version (deserved) but I counter with this. The campaign in Black Ops 3 was fucking shit and was the one that finally made me give up on COD tbh. The graphics are uglier, but compared to like Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts (the last two I played for more than five minutes on last gen) the thing looks fine. And as for the ten buck thing, well, I'd consider Black Ops 1 being thrown in as a free download and saving ten bucks the BETTER option of the two generational versions, do I want a cheaper game with twice the maps, two zombie modes, and the best campaign of the trilogy, or do I wanna pay a premium for a campaign that is absolute horseshit and a game with half the overall multiplayer maps available. Tough call. Anyway, there's still shitloads of people playing which is honestly sad since it's not back compat so like who the hell is still playing 360 anyway? But no, if you still didn't want or couldn't afford current gen consoles in late 2015 but wanted your COD fix, this is more than fine in my opinion. Plus fuck it, you didn't even get Advanced Warfare on the Wii U and that was a "next gen" console when the game dropped, take what you can get or buy a new damn console.

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On 09/05/2018 at 1:46 PM, phantomfear9494 said:


5) Prey (79% on MC) - I put this one last as I've semi-broken my rule here; Prey got 79-84%, which is pretty good.  However, some of the reviews were borderline moronic in my opinion; I got into a personal arguement with the IGN reviewer who gave the game a 4/10 despite liking it purely because of a "game breaking glitch" that was promised to be patched (and was) within 48 hours (fun fact; he reversed this review to an 8/10 literally the day after our spat).  Gamespot's 6/10 was also shoddy.  For me, this was the best first person adventure-esque game I'd played since Infinite, and I compare it to BioShock more than its sister franchise Dishonored because I think it's a truer comparison.  The level design was great, the story was actually really interesting and I thought the game was of a very satisfying length.  I agreed with criticisms on enemy types and combat, although I don't think the latter was that serious an issue.   Also the "No Needles" trophy/achievement was kind of brutal.



You stole the first one that came to my mind!


1. Prey (79%)


This is my favourite game on the past decade. Everything about it was awesome, the freedom, the aesthetic, the incredible attention to detail and the abilIty to learn so much about the people on the station. I couldn’t believe that it was overlooked on so many Game of the Year lists - true, 2017 was a stellar year for games, on par with 1998, but still - every little thing in Prey seemed perfect to me.


2. Assassin’s Creed Unity (70%)


(I’ll caveat this one by saying that I did play it around 10 months after release, as I recall - I remember hearing that the game had some significant bugs on release, and those will have (rightly) contributed to lower review scores, but at the time I played it I experienced none.)


This is my favourite AC game, and I’ve played them all. I know a lot of folks hated this one, and it makes me think that possibly the stuff that makes me love AC is not the same as what the majority like - I loved the setting, the look, the period of history it drew from, and after Black Flag and Rogue, I was very happy to return to what I liked the most about the Ezio games - a dense, populated, well realised yrban environment. Plus, Paris is my favorite city in the world - I want to retire there someday!


3. Dead Nation (77%)


I’ve played through this countless times with my wife (it’s probably her favorite game). I guess most reviews are based on playing solo or with online coop, but as a couch coop I think it is criminally underrated. 


4. Remember Me (72%)


I thought the world building and the aesthetics were great, and I found the combat to be fun and engaging. Not sure why it was considered so middling, but it seems to have been roundly forgotton (ironic, given the name!)


5. Syndicate (PS3) (77%)


This is one of the best FPS games on the PS3. It just is. The single player has one flaw - it is too short - but that’s it. If it were 4 hours longer, I think reviewers would have had time to realise that it is, but they didn’t, and it died on the vine. The multiplayer was great too - not a competitive shooter (as was so popular at the time) but a great, in-depth set of coop mission, that could be rerun over and over. I’d have loved them to do more as dlc (I believe that was planned, but dropped due to low sales).






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Tales of Xillia 2 (71) - I love the change of tone, and I love the story. It has one of the best end that have existed in the saga.. The combat system is fucking good, and controlling Ludger is very cool.

Tales of Hearts R (76) - I don't know why but is very difficult for this saga to have good score, although the games are very complete. Hearts R has good history, good characters and is very enjoyable.

Aliens Colonial Marines (43) - This game could have been one of the most intense shooters of all times, and it's a pity everything that happened to it, but despite that I think is a very funny game. 

Conception II (62) - The concept around this game is very strange but it works very good. Relation between characters are very good and the children system is good. 

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (62) - I love boobs and I bought this game for that. But this game is more than that, it has very good graphics and good combat system. Very enjoyable if you like Senran Kagura games.

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