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Hardest Platinum?

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My hardest platinum was Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. What made it so hard for me was doing everything in one playthrough. This lead to me going back and collecting all the guns on Professional so I would still have to sneak everywhere. The smallest mistake would always mess me up too. None the less, it was pretty fun. 

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I would say there were a few hard Platniums for me. A few that I could name are:


Bioshock (Survivor Mode without using Vita-Chambers)

Bioshock Infinite (1999 Mode at certain points)

Prototype: The final boss on hard took me well over 3 hours of running, jumping, and throwing without using the health glitch.

White Knight Chronicles: Just alot of time put into it for its online portion.

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Resident Evil 5. It may be a fairly easy Platinum for people that are good at shooters, but beating the game on Professional sucked pretty hard for me. :\

I had help getting that trophy (never play Professional by yourself :blink:  )

Getting the Infinite rocket launcher ammo helps B)

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