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Hey guys!


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Hello people of PSNProfiles!

I stumbled across this site a couple of months ago (absolutely love it) and I've decided to join the forums at long last.


I'm Animated_JoeJoe and I've been an avid player of PlayStation consoles since I was about 5. Video games are definitely one of my most prominent interests alongside music and I've enjoyed every second I've wasted sitting in my bedroom ;). I play a variety of games, and since finding this site been very keen on collecting trophies.


Looking forward to discussing various games and other nerdy stuff with you all.  :lol:


Happy trophy hunting!

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Welcome! :]

So how did you come across PSNProfiles?


Lol funnily enough Sly-Ripper added me a while back on The Last of Us and I saw the website in his PSN Status. Didn't know he actually owned the site until a few days ago haha.


Thanks for all the welcomes guys :)

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