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  2. Nonagelast Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Thanks for your concern,<br /> <br /> This trophy must have been glitched for me to have earned it, allow me to explain. <br /> <br /> In my play-through I missed the doll on the bed after defeating Laughing Beauty non-lethally, but said 'oh well I have to do more play-throughs anyway.' Me defeating Laughing Beauty non-lethally must have registered with the game as unlocking a facecamo even though I did not have the doll or the trophy [Laughing Octopus Doll].<br /> <br /> Also during this play-though I had trophy notifications turned off and would seldom check to see if I earned any trophies. Thinking back the order that I got the facecamo in game before the [FaceCamo Addict] trophy must have registered were:<br /> <br /> (Act 2 Start)<br /> (Act 2 End)<br /> 1: Standard FaceCamo<br /> 2: Young Snake<br /> 3: Young Snake w/ Bandanna<br /> (Act 3 Start)<br /> (Act 3 End)<br /> 4: MGS1 Snake<br /> 5: Raging Beauty<br /> (Act 4 Start)<br /> <br /> *It is at Act 4 that I decided to take a break and go for the facecamo and songs from the briefing viewer having just got [Overhead view -- just like old times... / 19th May 2018 11:00:10 PM]<br /> <br /> 6: Roy Campbell<br /> 7: Otacon<br /> 8: Raiden without Vizor<br /> 9: Raiden Vizor Down<br /> <br /> [FaceCamo Addict / 19th May 2018 11:42:12 PM] trophy must have registered at this time.<br /> <br /> *(Went back to play the main game through to completion continuing at Act 4 where I left off with: <br /> <br /> [Ghost Photography Addict / 20th May 2018 7:16:15 PM]<br /> [Crying Wolf Doll / 20th May 2018 8:11:50 PM]<br /> [LIQUID! / 21st May 2018 11:23:14 PM]<br /> [Twin Suns / 22nd May 2018 5:48:32 PM]<br /> <br /> The [FaceCamo Addict] trophy glitching was also seen in 2012 by this person who commented on it on PlaystationTrophies. Second comment:<br /> <br /> https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-patriots/trophy/50918-FaceCamo-Addict.html<br /> <br /> "I was able to obtain this trophy without Crying Beauty, Screaming Beauty, Drebin 893 and Big Boss FaceCamos"<br /> <br /> And their profile also shows this:<br /> <br /> https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1553-metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-patriots/mitcho2013?order=date<br /> <br /> Now I don't know this person or if they have been flagged as well, but I feel it is evidence that a glitch can occur. Especially since they earned their trophies the same week that the patch for trophy support was added to the game. Perhaps this bug has never been fixed by Konami and Sony.<br /> <br /> I am concerned that the flagged trophy is one I earned awhile back especially since the timestamps don't follow the expected chronological order that is expected. In hindsight I wish I had reviewed this discrepancy by doing an audit of the times but once I earn a trophy I count it as done and get on with what is next. PSNProfiles has greatly helped me to do that, giving me a good checklist with links to any needed help. In the future I will be more cautious of the order that trophies are registered by PSN and will report any issues as possible glitches so the moderators and my fellow players have a better idea of any trophy pitfalls.<br /> <br /> Please report back with hopefully good news of a removed flag,<br /> <br /> Nonagelast
  3. The 50 years are easy to explain (for ITs at least), missing Timestamps get regonize as year 1970.
  4. I'll admit that it doesn't really make a lot of sense to me that they are bringing out a NG2. SNK has Nesica X Live 2 for an arcade platform (that's getting an arcade version of the PS4 Samurai Spirits/Shodown, just like it did with KOF XIV) & PS4/X1/PC for home markets. I'd rather have had them work on a Neo-Geo Mini XL, which would be a tabletop version. Remember that PS2 Metal Slug 3D? If the new Metal Slug is like that, then no thanks, forget it! It needs to be a real Metal Slug. I do not expect 2D graphics, but instead something similar to Dolphin Blue- except with the characters also made in 3D like Mega Man 11. I like this idea. Sounds like a plan.
  5. It's only shameful if you brought it only for the easy trophies (basically almost everyone)
  6. Not sure if this is serious or not, but in case you've missed it, the game is on easy-mode per default. Hard mode can be activated mid-game. 😅 I wished activating it would also increase the XP gain to at least add some incentive other than challenge, but oh well. As for the update, a bit of balancing here and there but I don't see anything that will drastically change how the game plays and feels. The blazing bull is anyways only an endurance test, and will usually be killed by draining his life bar and not by building up his posture, so a little less vit shouldn't make a huge difference. The changes in spirit emblem efficiency affect mostly late NG+ prosthetics and skills, and Sabimaru was already OP anyways. 😃
  7. Just wanted to say thanks in advance to @FarSideOfSaturn for being around to help with the galactic centre trophies. I’m late to the party with No Man’s Sky...bought it a couple of weeks ago, will have the platinum in the next couple of days. These two DLC trophies did not appeal to me “legitimately”, so it’s great to know that if joining random lobbies doesn’t work, someone’s there to lend a hand. Thanks dude, and maybe see you next week!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look and see what else I can find regarding this. I noticed one fella had 47 years for a trophy or something? I don't really mind that I have missing timestamps, I'd just like to see if I can avoid it in future... putting in the correct date seems like a good start. Thanks again for your research. Actually, I'm not fully aware of what's going on. I can't even find the trophy you're talking about. One of the link mentioned above mentions a 47 year old trophy, my guess is that whatever the date issue that caused the missing time stamps has caused the same problem. But as I said, I'm here to try and find answers for these problems so I can avoid them in future. Edit: I checked the PSNP trophy order dates and all I can see is missing timestamps and GTA4 in 2008?
  9. So now it is fixed and platinum is obtainable? I was waiting to play. How long is the game to get platinum? Thx
  10. Hey, no need to apologise, we’re all here to help! You absolutely can play as Go-Home Club member only, you’ll simply have to refuse going through the door with Thorn when she makes her offer.
  11. There are two fights that positively stood out for me and I would consider my farovite boss fights: Guardian Ape. Already saw him from the idol and knew what was coming.. but man the fight is so fast and brutal! It is also the first fight where Sekiro forces you to play differently. Instead of deflecting every hit, you need to look for openings and slash away at the health bar. Then you land the killing blow, and baaam! Surprise! 😀 But not only the twist makes this fight great. The second half feels and plays completely different, while still being super fast-paced and not giving you any room to breathe. Owl Father (Hirata Estate): Ooooh man is this one fun to learn! I obviously missed this in my blind NG playthrough, so when I found Owl again in NG+ I expected a fight like the one atop Ashina Castle. Nope, it's only here that this guy shows how varied he can fight. And you better keep up with him! Give too much space and you'll have a hard time... Always stay close to him, slash, deflect, react. It was super satisfying to learn this one, and it has to be my favorite boss fight in the game.
  12. I have beaten the game twice without unblocking doors, like the very first where the axe is, but I didn't get the trophy. What am I doing wrong?
  13. He’s trying to get the name change stuff sorted. And there’s more important things than trophies. So patience, grasshopper. And still will give everyone premium if I ever win Powerball.
  14. I just took a look at the list and it says some of the trophies took nearly 50 years to obtain.
  15. You are just gonna have to make sure you have time set whenever you play. There is nothing PSNP can do to give u timestamps. Unless...is there timestamp on your ps3? if you do it may be like this guy well its time you hear it happening.
  16. Ah ok, fantastic... I had a look at your Nino Kuni and I see what you mean. I wonder if it has to do with when you sync the trophies or when you unlock them... because, I'm pretty sure that I had the correct date put in when I unlocked the trophies offline, just not when I synced them. Then again, now I'm not so sure. In any case, thanks to you and everyone else for your help and contributions. Greatly appreciated. I'll have to see if the next trophy I earn unlocks properly now that I have this information. Thanks again
  17. If you have a wrong date and are offline you will get no timestamps so far I know. Happened by me with Nino Kuni: My PS3 clock battery was empty and if you shut it down completely (no standby) it will ask for the date when turned on again. I skipped it. Also I got disconnected from the Internet and didn't logged in again. Now some other trophy sites can show the correct order in between the trophies were earned (still no timestamp though, the PS3 itself says no date). Now trophy milestones will change this way on PSNP too because it set this trophies as they were earned before everything. Like your 500th trophy will change. If you get an plat with no timestamp it can also change those.
  18. I was gonna complain about Ricochet being jobbed out to Roode (who absolutely deserves at least an upper mid-card push) but what's the point? We all know Ricochet's gonna win next week and this feud will be 50/50 booked into the ground to make sure no one cares in the end. Oh how I miss the days when the heels would cheat to win and the face would eventually make sure he gets what he's due in the end. Instead, we get two workers trading wins every week so the PPV match doesn't carry any interest at all.
  19. Yes, all my other Kingdom Hearts 2 trophies and many other games all had trophies unlocked on this same PS3
  20. Today
  21. Pls go over to the Gaming/Boosting Sessions Section to look for partners: https://psnprofiles.com/sessions No boosting threads on the forum allowed...
  22. Did you play any before you did?
  23. Yep, but this PS3 has been logged on to PSN for years, which is why I can't work out the missing timestamps
  24. Hello fellow trophy hunters, I am needing help with the the Prestige raid on Destiny 2. 😖


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  🙂

  25. Does anyone else want to see Ratalaika weigh in on one of these threads and defend themselves about their 4 minutes plats that can be stacked 52,854 times per game?

    1. Masamune


      That thread is still going? I got bored & left after the first page. :P Seriously though, 4 minutes? 😅

    2. FilmFanatic


      Yeah some of them are as quick as 4 minutes. I’ve only read posts that get a few rep as most others are just people bickering.

    3. Masamune


      & yet Resident Evil 4 didn't even get a plat... :facepalm: 

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