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Post Your Newest PlayStation 4 Game


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NBA2K14-I got this even after the problems I had on the PS3 version.  I liked the game but yeah I don't even want to go there at the moment...the game looks like it will be awesome but the company support with certain things is crap.


I also have ACIV on preorder(and they have it in the store) but they said I can't pick it up until release day.  Not like it makes much of a difference.  The excitement of a new console lol.

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you guys do realise that any games that are coming out at launch are basically ps3 games your not gonna really notice anything big till they stop making games for the ps3 and turn there full attention to what they can do with the ps4,if you guys waited for a couple years and then dive in and buy a ps4 it will be cheaper the games will be cheaper and made for the ps4 not a ps3 game with abit better graphics. this is why im gonna wait, you have to agree that we really didnt see great games for the ps3 at launch, but in the last few years the games made have been great ... 

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Contrast, Resogun, Flower, flOwSound Shapes :3 lol


I really want to get a PS4 but I think I'll stick it out til around next year when  there's more to buy and game prices go down. 

There are so many games I still need to play on my PS3

I'll be broke after this Christmas anyway :(

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