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Trophy Percentages questions ?


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Could someone please explain to me how the trophy percentages work on this website. 

Beside a trophy it might for example say 5.5% and then when you hover the mouse over it it drops down to a much lower percentage like 0.2%. 
Is the higher score the percentage of game owners who own the trophy in my region (UK) and the lower score the percentage of my friends who own it?

Or is it worldwide and then regional?

I can't work it out and these are my best educated guesses. 

Any ideas what the official answer is?

Thanks for you help peeps :)

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The low one is PSNs number, which is based on all game owners.


The high one is PSNProfiles number, which is based only on this site’s game owners.


Unless it’s dlc, in which case the lower number is PSNs data, and the high number is dictated to a jungle frog by a passing space-alien, then conveyed to this site’s owner via the medium of interpretive dance.

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hey dont know if this has been spoken about in the forum before as can't see it but when you hover your mouse over the number for what the percent is for that trophy how come is says to different numbers if anyone know can they let me know as am a bit confused on how to read it 


thanks and again if this has been addressed before sorry for multiply posts

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