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Anyone else disappointed in this entry? It wasn't as good...


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I know it is silly to say the second one was the best, it had more humor and better stories - as simple as they were. 


But I really thought this third one felt rushed and didn't care about the storyline for the chapters... The walking sim part didn't bother me though, but it felt like it was trying too hard to be different with it. It was like My Name Is Mayo 2.5 with a DLC of walking for 10 miles.

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7 minutes ago, psycho_clank314 said:

Embora a tradição possa parecer assustadora de entender, pois é tão profunda, uma coisa é certa. Podemos ter certeza de que meu nome é Mayo. 

Such wise words have never been said. ???


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What started as a meme has turned into a franchise. It has everything u want from a 3rd installment  - better graphics, good story, more of the gameplay we loved with some tweaks. I for 1 am looking forward to this game. The second 1 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so can't wait to see how they progress the story. Now all we need is a sequel to Mr. Massagy


2 minutes ago, Solid-Fisch said:

Any news when the season pass will be available?

I'm so dead!!???

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My Name Is Mayo 3 took a slight turn from the other two games, and talked about the stages of grief and loss of a loved one in a relatable way that wasn't triggering, but definitely got the point across. There's a fine line in that and My Name Is Mayo 3 stayed within that line. 


Considering Mayo's father was in My Name Is Mayo 2, that neatly nestled his character into the story of the My Name Is Mayo trilogy. For him to be in My Name Is Mayo 3, which continued from that story and considering My Name Is Mayo 2 ended on a cliffhanger, it makes perfect sense for Mayo to lose his father in the 3rd and final instalment of the My Name Is Mayo trilogy. 


All in all, Mayo's loss of his father is a key event in Mayo's life and a perfect ending to the My Name Is Mayo trilogy, as we, the trophy hunting community, suffer a loss too: Mayo himself. 


Rest in peace Mayo :platinum: <3


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Yeah... there was no story left to tell to begin with, there was no point in even trying to redeem a main character who had already passed the point of no return before he had his own brother knocked off on a fishing trip, and the director made a huge mistake casting his charisma vacuum of a daughter in a major role by way of pure unadulterated nepotism.


Shockingly, not even an even more grueling and disorganized director's cut can fix this one.

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I hope we get some quality dlc to further explore some unfinished storylines. I really enjoyed this third installment but l felt the story and gameplay haven't reached their full potential, especially in the open world.

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