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Congrats!  Glad you finally got this.  However, I have a few notes to add to your issues.  I edited them in your quote.

OK you really need to write the guide then because I looked up better ways of doing that end scene and everyone said the same way I did it ^_^. Actually on my fourth playthrough I used possession to take over the machine gun guys and that worked pretty well as I only died a couple of times. Also I tried the wheelchair way of getting the sheep and I found it just scattered them and took longer so I went back to picking them up because I knew that at least worked.


Anyways like I said the game had a lot of good ideas but it really needed to hone them better. I really liked the differences between Abe and Munch and I wish more games had that ability to switch between two characters to complete a level. Honestly thinking about it that was probably the best part of the game and I would love to see them try it again but with a little more polish. Also as I mentioned the game had good level design and each level felt and played differently so there was a lot of good stuff about the game.


Anyways the world needs more platformers so I will take them when I can get them :D


I have heard that Stranger's Wraith is the best Oddworld game so I may give that a chance eventually


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Unlock All Trophies in FarCry Classic. 5th Mar 2014

9:08:03 PM

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No.43 - Far Cry Classic

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