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Your Gaming Paraphernalia?


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Let's face it, there are only two kinds of people in the world.  People who have cool gaming-related stuff, and people who wish they did. :giggle:


Gaming paraphernalia meaning toys/action figures, pillows/blankets/sheets, (gaming related) cosplay outfits and accessories, stuffed "animals", keychains, desk lamps, pencil sharpeners, wallets, purses, posters, maps.  Anything that you have around the house, carry on your person, hang in your car, have on your desk at work, etc... that is gaming related (I would say the games themselves, books, movies and whatnot don't count).


For example, I have a Uncharted 3 Subway cup that I searched all around town for since they were giving away multiplayer beta keys way back when.  As well as a stuffed Portal companion cube that I got at a "White Elephant" Christmas gift exchange this past year.  I'd post some adorable pictures of my beloved companion cube but I don't have my camera cable at the moment.


I'm tempted to get a little motion sensing Portal turret to put on my desk at work.  I'm guessing the bank wouldn't find it quite so humorous though.


How about you?  Anything out of the ordinary?  Bonus points if it's Playstation related and you snag a few pics. ;)

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I have a replica of Ichigo's Bankai Zanbato from Bleach, but that's probably more Anime related, I once had a chance to get a full-sized replica of Lightning's Blaze Saber from FFXIII for like $20 but I passed it up... I still regret that. Other than that, I have one mini Fukka figure I got with my copy of Disgaea 4 & wall full of posters. Oh, & I do have some art books too that I got with some games.


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I have... let's see now... Mostly Pokemon, Digimon and Sonic but here goes:

Pokemon plushes: Gengar, Psyduck, mini Fennekin keychain plush, Snivy, Mudkip, Pikachu, Mew and Chespin. 

Pokemon figurines/statues: Electabuzz evolution gatcha ball set, Lugia (Soul Silver preorder bonus), Giratina (Platinum preorder bonus), Togepi and Jigglypuff.

Other Pokemon stuff: Three poster containing every Pokemon in existence aside from Gen VI (X/Y) that I got from my local X/Y midnight launch, Entei phone dangler, loads of trading cards.


Sonic figurines: Large fully articulated Shadow, Tails (which I bought during the year the first Sonic Adventure was released on Dreamcast, he's my favourite toy), Chaotix set.

Other Sonic stuff: Various posters I collected from various magazines, 3DS case (black with a silver Sonic logo and text), collectable mug, Sonic, Silver and Shadow phone danglers, 2014 calendar, shirts that I had printed myself (if that counts).


Digimon figurines (mostly the old digivolving ones): 2 Growlmon, Gargomon, Kyubimon, that armoured human/lion fusion one from season 4 that I forgot the name of, mini Veemon, Veemon that doubles as a playset and has clip on armour so it looks like Flamedramon, talking Hawkmon.

Digimon plushes: Koromon, Patamon, various McDonalds ones, Koromon that unzips and turns inside out to become Agumon, life-sized Gatomon (my personal favourite plush).

Various other Digimon stuff: all the LCD games, tamagotchi, various posters containing every Digimon up to season 3 that came with the figurines, loads of trading cards.


Other random gaming stuff: Spyro (original Spyro) plush, SoulCalibur V collectors edition, Pacman heat change mug, Tekken trading cards (preorder bonus from Tekken 6).


I think that's everything... lol


(Yes, I have the most old stuff so far! :P)

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Stuff from Club Nintendo before I got my PS3.

Got a shirt with the classic all the enemies and characters from Super Mario Bros.

Power-Up Star Messenger bag.

Posters of Donkey Kong,Mario, and Zelda games.

Kirby's Epic Yarn patches.

2010 Platinum status reward. Which was an awesome Mario statue that features Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, and some others.

2011 Platinum status reward: lackluster playing cards.

The platinum rewards where free so I can't complain.

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I have Mario, Luigi, and Wario figures set up on my living room bookshelf flanked on both sides by 3 plush Bowsers. The figures I got a few years ago for Valentines day, the Bowsers I've had since the mid-late 90's as they were meant to capitalize on the success of Mario Kart 64. Probably my oldest is a Duke Nukem action figure from the mid-90s, as well. I used to have a Battlelord to go with it but I was younger and, let's say, "l loved it to pieces." I also have an Atari poster that came with one of the Flashback plug-and-play consoles.


Edit: I hadn't even thought of my shirts. I have Dragon Age II and Doom, as well as, I'm sad to say, a For The Horde shirt.

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I have a few things:

  • Uncharted 3's Sic Parvis Magna ring.
  • Uncharted 3's complete official guide.
  • Lightning Returns official piggyback guide.
  • Snow's action figure from FF13.
  • Serah's action figure from FF13-2.
  • Fang's action figure from FF13.
  • Lightning Returns poster, still need to put it on my wall... :P
  • A LOT of game related posters, Beyond: Two Souls, RE6, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and a million more... allof them are my sister's, i only demanded the Lightning Returns one.
  • I also have this box thing i got from a game store, you know when a game just released and there are these boxes in the stores to promote the game? I asked one of the guys if i could buy (read it again, BUY!) one of those boxes and he told me i could get it for free! The box has TLoU all over it, i then went to another store and asked one of the dudes there if i could get the Beyond: Two Souls box thingy and he said no... heartbroken.
  • I also have a few game related shirts, mostly RE related ones.
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I only have a few things:

- Kingdom Hearts shirt. 

- 2 Pokemon plushies (Emolga and Mew).

- 2 Posters (Kingdom Hearts: CoM and Diablo III: RoS).

- KH artbook (the one that comes with the limited edition -PS3-).

- Project X-zone OST and poster (comes with the limited edition -3DS-).

- KH: DDD limited edition (3DS) that comes with a 3DS protector case, art cards and AR cards.

- 4 KH keychains (Sora, Kairi, Donald and Goofy).


I wish I had some figurines but the money (´_`。)

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Not much. Difficult to get anything where I am and I don't want what is here since my interests lie elsewhere in collecting.


Few Pokemon plushies. The map that came with a preordered X or Y. A small Princess Daisy. Princess Peach in a car. A Minecraft cow keychain. Soundtrack for the PS2 game, Eternal Poison. Soundtrack for the DS game, Code of Princess. And a little crafted Navi from a con last year.

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  • Boxset of Kingdom Hearts figures (really old now, but all but Sora's arm are still intact  :lol: ).  I keep the Kairi one near me as I game.
  • A Kingdom Hearts Keyblade lifesize replica (I use it for cosplay)
  • Dunno if this counts as merch, but I have Sora's complete outfit from Kingdom Hearts II that I use for cosplay.
  • Multiple Final Fantasy, Atelier, and Disgaea figures
  • Lots of Final Fantasy goodies
  • All Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts (and future Square Enix releases) that I own are the limited edition versions
  • More of a niche thing but I'm an avid Japanese Visual Novel limited edition collector, if this counts as gaming merch.  They put some nice stuff in them that I can't pass up!
  • I have a LittleBigPlanet, Tekken, Vocaloid and Kingdom Hearts t-shirts.
  • I have a LOT of gaming artbooks, my latest addition to the collection being an old Final Fantasy VI artbook I just ordered last night.   :yay:
  • I have the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories manga.
  • I have a Monokuma teddy.
  • I have a lot of old Pokémon figures from my childhood.
  • A Mime Jr. teddy!  :D
  • A Pichu teddy I got almost 10 years ago when I went on a trip to America with my family.  He's a bit tattered but <3.
  • A Sackboy plush.
  • A Hatsune Miku wallscroll and tote bag that came with the Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F 2nd SEGA Store LE.
  • A Sonic plush set.
  • A Pichu lunch bag I used when I was young for school, lol.
  • An Igniculus light-up keyring that came with the Child of Light Deluxe Edition.
  • I have a number of game OSTs that came with limited editions.
  • A Fuka Kazamatsuri figure that came with the American Disgaea 4 LE I got, since EU didn't get one.   :giggle: 
  • DUNAMIS15 headphones that came with the limited edition.
  • A ToHeart2 DX PLUS artbook that came with the limited edition.
  • A Sonic Advance cardboard cut-out that was in a shop years ago when I was kid when Sonic Advance for GBA came out.  We asked the shop owner could we have it.   :pimp: 


I think there's more I just can't think of.  It's worse that I have even more anime/manga-related goodies though.   :|  What am I wasting my money on.   :blush: 

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I have


- A Mario Blanket

- Various Mario themed plushies (the bros, Yoshi, goomba, koopa, shy guy, etc)
- Mario character Christmas ornaments

- The Club Nintendo calendar for this year
- Pac-Man magnets

- A large figurine of child Link riding Epona from OoT

- A small figure of Adult Link with the Master Sword
- Mario question block bookends
- A Psyduck Plushie and a Psyduck charm which is on my Pikachu 3DS
- A Koffing toy from Burger King or McDonalds 
- A Chie figurine from Persona 4
- Triforce earrings
- An 8 bit figurine of Simon Belmont 

- A Mario Galaxy Coin

- A Muramasa lithograph

- A Charizard thermos
- Multiple gaming themed t-shirts

- A Playstation lanyard

- Persona 3 series of lithographs and stickers that was released with the movie

- A Katamari ball

... Just to be clear I used to work at Gamestop and came across some swag so ^.^()

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I have picture of all my video game related stuff in my profiles. (got even more stuff since, I need to update the pics)


-Various Persona figures

-Various Final Fantasy figures

-2 Final Fantasy wall scrolls (one of Cloud and one of Sephiroth)

-2 Persona 4 wall scrolls (One of Chie and one of Yu)

-Various collectors editions

-Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 figures (Milla & Ludger)

-Tales of Symphonia chibi figures (Lloyd, Collette and 2 from DOANW which I don't care about)

-Final Fantasy Advent Children: Advent Pieces

-Silver Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core themed PSP

-Various soundtracks (Final Fantasy, Persona, Tales of...)

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