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List The Games That Made You Angry


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I just read another post asking everyone to list the games that made you cry. I could not think of any that genuinely brought me to tears. I mean I was sad, but no tears shed. But then I started to remember all the things that actually made me mad from video games. So in this post, I want to know what your big "WTF?! SON OF A BITCH!" moments were in video games.

My list is as follows. Spoilers Ahead!

5. When General Sheppard kills Ghost and Roach in Modern Warfare 2

4. When Lee gets bit in The Walking Dead.

3. When John Marston is gunned down in Red Dead Redemption.

2. When Tess dies in The Last of Us. I wanted to go gung ho and kill everyone.

1. Big surprise, when Soap MacTavish dies in MW3.

All of these moments pissed me off more than made me sad in these games. Because you develop an attachment to these characters.

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  1. Everything about Killzone 3. Seriously, I hate that game. I loved Killzone HD and Killzone 2, but Killzone 3 was terrible not only as a sequel, but as a game in general.

When fighting the Stray Demon at the Undead Asylum in Dark Souls.

When fighting King Allant in Demon's Souls. Seriously, that guy can go die. Oh wait, I managed to kill him after the umpteenth time. (¬_¬ )*

Stumbling into any dungeon with enemies far above my level in Skyrim. I love that NPCs don't level with me, but this still made me rage every time.

Trying to ace the final two levels in Little Big Planet, and dying again, and again, and again. Finally I just decided to save that for another time and just focus on completing the game. (Which I managed to do just the other day c:)

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Co-Co-Combo spoilers lol. Luckily I have got to episode 5 of TWD lol. and finished MW2 and 3,  TLOU, saw what you said about RDR.



FIFA 11 to 14

PES 09 to 11 both cause of stupid miss passes that don't go where you point.


Many more but I can't remember. 

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I'll leave games with rage-inducing gameplay out & just list ones that anger me for different reasons


  • Earth Defense Force 2025: The Deroy is a very cheap enemy, not only are they freakishly large, the laser cannons in their legs are insanely accurate, which also limit your movement, meaning my favourite class, Wing Diver, is screwed against them unless I employ a sniper tactic.
  • Resident Evil 4 & 5: These games just infuriate & disappoint me beyond belief, they're just such crappy games in my opinion.
  • Dead Space 3: This is in relation to the Awakened DLC, what kind of a crappy, up-in-the-air ending was that!? There was no closure at all to that short & disappointing DLC.
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1-GTA games I don't like any of those games.

2-Persona 3 Ending & all Movies games you know why.

3-Blue Dragon takes forever to get stared the history 

4-Gears of War Judgment is short story and doesn't have a great multiplayer

5-Kill Zone Shadow Fall when Sinclair kills Lucas (and no the Lucas from mother 3) make hate the game for that. 

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Angry you say? Well, there were quite a few moments:

  • Time trials in Mirror's Edge - I hate speedrun trophies.
  • Getting only good or perfect in five songs in Just Dance 4 - I kid you not, i failed the same song twice at the last move.
  • Challenges of the Gods/Titans/Olympus in the God of War games - Not all were hard, but some were incredibly frustating, after i've done them though... they became easy, so maybe this should not be here. Either way, they did make me mad. Specially in God of War 1 since you have to do everything in one sitting, that last challenge though...
  • Devil May Cry 2 - This game doesn't make me mad per se, but rather depressed, bored and disappointed. I don't know why i'm putting this here. 
  • Uncharted 3 MP - This MP is stupid and it should not be taken seriously, thankfully i grew out of it. The bullshit makes me laugh now.
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Lately From DusT

Gave me sleepless 2 nights.. Really frustrated over this one Challenge mode (sacrifice)

So much LaG made me failed, must have banged my hands,cursed,shouted till late night,my head ached till next day

Man eventually got it right but Ranked me low for just that one freaky challenge :D

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arkham asylum - cool game, but those challenges...

metro last light - save file got corrupted while cleaning up trophies, all collectibles gone, havent played it since

mortal kombat - online sucks, cant do 4 hit combos because of lag

jak and daxter 1 - loved crash and spyro while growing up, ratchet was also amazing, had some fun with sly cooper games, so i decided check out jak and daxter hd collection. around 15 min in realized i hate the running speed, jump distance and height, spin attack lenght, etc. frustrated by thoose i was way less forgiving for the game not aging well, also some problems i heard were port related, ocassional mising sound effects for example. oh, and "secret ending" door requires 100 power cells, and the game has 101 of them, so i thought the last one is behind the door, and after a cutscene i would return to the game to get the remaining orbs. nope! i went through the door and got thrown out to the main menu, only to realize i havent saved in ages (ok that one is my fault, but still)
i still cant belive how much that game pissed me of over the course of 2 days

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