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Final Fantasy XV is 60% done. Also, camping is a big part of the game.


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Just for the record, actual development of FFXV started in July 2012, so the whole "after 8/9/10 yeaaaaars" thing is pretty much pointless now xD


The game advanced around a 5% in 5 months, which pretty much locks it in a 2016 release, anytime from March to December. Bear in mind that the last 20% is debugging and final polishing, usually takes 3 months and it happens once the game has an announced release date, so all we need is for the game to reach that long-awaited 80% development status. 


Some extra details I got from today's ATR:


The battle system starts gaining depth and it looks crazy slick. The screen is slowly getting more and more filled with HUD and effects, from particles when depleting MP to different numbers according to regular and critical hits, plus skill effects, buffs and debuffs.


Also, enemies have weak spots and each enemy can appear in different sizes and shapes, depending of how grown up it is (in the demonstration shown today, we could see at least four variants of the fiend Garuda, some bigger, some smaller, some with and some without horns, etc...


When Noctis dies, it's Game Over. That been said, Noctis doesn't die once his health goes down to 0. Party members have a set time to heal him before he actually falls.


Camps work as fast travel spots, a la Dragon Age Inquisition.


There are two battle themes: one for fights during daytime and one for night fighting. Monsters during night are far more deadly and cause status ailments. In the demonstration we can see the party being literally ambushed by half an army of robots coming from a flying airship in the middle of the night.


The demo won't feature magic or weather, and will have one summon. The final game will aim at having all of that.


The demo won't run at 1080p/30fps, but the final game will.


Episode Duscae's duration will be longer than expected: 3 hours if you go straight to the point. After beating the demo, you unlock more stuff to do.


Getting Type-0 digitally will net you the demo as well, but you only have 2/3 months to download it, so do it ASAP.


The map in the demo is really big, but the final game's surface will be between 10 and 20 times that.


Main and side missions can appear as markers on the world map, in the way of many other games like Skyrim or Destiny (measuring how far you are from the markers)


There are many more, but these are the ones that came to mind, there is another ATR next week, we may get more info on other stuff the demo contains xD

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I have no idea what to expect from this game. I'm hoping it will blow me away, but I'm afraid something more like what they did on SNES or PS1 would have blown me away 10 times more. 

Only 5 millions years left until release, can't wait.


Seriously though, it does look better every time I see it. Camp fire leveling sounds interesting.

Sounds like Dark Souls...

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Like seriously... I'd be all over a game like their PS1 games or their SNES games... I don't care about the graphics, and it's so sad to see them wasting so much time and effort on that, cutting back on actual content, story and gameplay because of it. Don't tell me they aren't, because they are. 


I've not actually played them, sucks but it's an interesting feature none the less.

Then you owe it to yourself to play the Souls games...  You're missing out. lol If you think they are all about the difficulty, then I can safely say that's not why I play the games.

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