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PsnProfiles should make a blacklist under Gamingsessions

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Psn profiles should make a blacklist, to blacklist gamers that joins sessions and dont show up.... it happens a lot to my sessions..


While I support this Idea, I do agree that it's a bit extreme. Things do happen and sometimes it does affects the person's gaming time. The rating system idea is probably the best idea for non-existent boosters that don't show up. Also if the system was implemented and you forgot to turn up, you may get blacklisted as well lol. 

I give Sly permission to use this :)




This is why your the resident doctor round here, you prescribe me with so much lols. :)

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I agree that a Blacklist might be too extreme.

What about this? After each session ends the host grades each participant on good, bad, neutral or 'no show' scale. Then each participant grades the host only, same scale. Everyone has two grades, host and participant. Host grade gets too low they can't host for a while. Participant gets too low they are liable to get kicked. Too many no shows and they can't join for a while. Thoughts?

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There's a difference between "something came up" and "I might be free."


Don't join if you're not 100% sure you'll be availible.

And don't fault someone if something unpredictable happened with them.


I havn't used the game sessions feature on a regular basis, and this is really why.

I often hear of people not showing up, and I'd hate to be a no show because I had to leave the house in a hurry.


A reputation is understandable in this case though. It could show that your "no show" is rarely a no show, so it would be safe to say something dire came up; while other cases your "no show" has a reputation of oftenely not showing up.


It would allow you to pretty much allow strangers in your sessions while knowing that others say he/she is reliable.

But there would need to be a threashold on it though. Seeing that  2/2 say he's a no show would be unfair. The same person could later be 2/18, showing that his first 2 sessions were bad, but that that was just the end of it. Also words would be better, like:

  • Flawless
  • Reliable
  • Hit-or-miss
  • Absent
  • Lost

Words would be better than numbers for ease of use I'd say. And as in the threashold, I'd say no word should be displayed until after 10 ratings were given.

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Implementing something should be easy, but it can't be an all or nothing system.  What I mean by that, is if you're gonna go to the extreme of a blacklist, then the gaming sessions structure needs to be updated.  I've tried to join sessions before where a host was hosting one session and had joined 2 others at the same time trying to corral everyone together.  It didn't work.  Also, it was frustrating for everyone involved as the 3 sessions had little overlap for trophies.  Setting some standards for group creation should come first.  If a group has a hard start and end time, set group of trophies, a plan to get them, and a decent lead time before the group kicks off, then a blacklist for anyone who screwed around with that would be appropriate.  But I see a lot of sessions where the time changes constantly and the size of the group changes, and the thing falls apart.


A simple solution could be that a session has a set of criteria that dictates the level of shame incurred from not showing up to a session.  For instance, if a session is created more than 3 days and less than 1 week in advance of the session time/date and doesn't change, all people who join (unless they leave the session 24+ hours before it starts) are subject to a blacklist of sorts.  Maybe a point system would be better.  Either way, call it a black mark on your profile, call it -3 points, or the account is 'flagged' and must be approved for all future gaming sessions until their credibility increases.  Alternatively, if the session is somewhat wishy washy, meaning it was created within hours of the start time, or has no set or a constantly changing start time, then people who are no shows would at worst incur -1 point, or a sort of warning, or potentially the whole thing would be invalid for that session.  Also, any host who creates a session and joins another at the same time, or just anyone who joins more than 1 session at the same time, and is therefore a no show to at least one of those sessions, would automatically receive a black mark/flagged account as mentioned above.


Either way, however it's decided, implementing a system that can actually track what happens before, during, and after a session in advance of implementing any system that allows users to punish each other at will, would probably be a good idea to keeps things civil.  Then at least there would be a proper system in place to validate any system where people can be rated for what they do and don't do.

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Only a few months ago I started a Gaming Session, explicitly saying that we were gonna start on that day, on that hour... I only needed one other person, he added me and he was online the whole time, responded to my messages but just didn't join me... So f*cking annoying

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Maybe blacklist is a bit extreme,but gaming sessions need something like that.I didn't organise a lot of sessions,but most of the times no one or 1 person out of 4 showed up.Only with help of random people that didn't join the session I sorted it out most of the times,but it was really frustrating.

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Closed-minded individuals suggesting something shouldn't be implemented at all because it could be abused is no way to obtain progress.

There would be an easy way to track and manage all data on who and what happens and also discover a point that minimizes or eliminates the amount of abuse. It's called practice.

Nothing's perfect at the beginning and everything has the potential for problems. Problems get found; problems get fixed. Then, you're left with a useful and valuable site tool.

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