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What's your favorite Movie line?


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My personal favourite is from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest:


"If you don't watch it people will force you - one way or the other - into doing what they think you should do, or into just being mule-stubborn and doing the opposite out of spite." 





A close second, however, is this golden monologue from Samurai Cop. It's such a life-affirming quote that I put it in a special quote box in an ill-advised move to contain its profound beauty. 



Now i'm telling these son-of-a-bitches that we respect the Japanese of this country, who are honest businessmen. And yeah, this is the land of opportunity for legitimate business, not for death merchants who distribute drugs to our children through schools and on the streets. Now i'm telling these motheruckers that if they continue killing our children to make their precious millions that they deposit in their secret Swiss bank accounts, counsellor, before your last suit even gets off the court clerk's desk, i'll have their stinking bodies in garbage bags and ship them back to Japan for fertilizer. Got it?




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"If you had come to me in friendship, then the scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make enemies then they would become my enemies. And then they will fear you." - Don Corleone (The Godfather)

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