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How to beat boss on crushing?

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Is it important to shoot those blue tree sap things?


Ja :)


It's the only way to kill him actually, if I remember correctly. There's a glitch to do this easily if you can't be bothered with doing it "the legit way".


Although I haven't played the remasters so I don't really know for sure if it's the same.

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Is it important to shoot those blue tree sap things?

Very important. Bullets don't do damage to him, so you have to shoot the blue things when he is close.

3 times, then he should scream something at you

3 more times and he should tell you to stop standing in the way of adversity or something like that.

3 more times and he'll just scream DRAKE

3 times after that he'll run back to the pool in the middle of the Tree of Life.


I say 3 as an average. I think it's probably to do with his proximity to the sap explosion, so it could be 4, or maybe even 2 if he's really close. (He walks right by one of the saps at the top of some broken stairs, I always did a big explosion to him there.)

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Anyone still having trouble with Boss on any difficulty? Also look at his video list for all trophies in all 3 Nathan Drake Collection games.

I used the same method. Very easy and got it first attempt.

I recall doing the same battle on PS3 "legit" by running & gunning and it was hard damn work. Play monkey and it's a walk in the park.

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