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Suggestion for cleaning up my Ps3 Backlogg



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  1. 1. Which Game should I play ?

    • Darksiders 2
    • Theif
    • Splinter Cell HD
    • Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD
    • Splinter Cell Chaos Teory
    • Splinter Cell Double Agent
    • Rage
    • Star Wars The force Unleash
    • Deception IV Blood Ties
    • Assasin Creed Revelation
    • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
    • Tomb Raider Anniversary
    • Tomb Raider Underworld
    • Kingdom Heart 2

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So lately I boughts new games and My backlogg on Ps3 got Out of control there an still alot of games that still didnt finish yet but I want to play It, I need you guys help me which games should I go for finish It. I really need your suggestion


edit: I forgot to add FFX despite this game and I have some "complicated friendship" If you know what I mean

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I advise starting The Splinter Cell HD, it's challenging imo and The stealth gameplay is fenomenal however cause of that will be slow paced and be cautious on your encounters.

If you want something different from your backlog , i'll suggest giving a try to Deception IV Blood Ties (I also have that One on my backlog).

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Darksiders is fun, short, and easy.

I also really liked Rage.

Dragon Age Origins is my favorite title you listed but it'll take you a long time if you're looking for the plat. Same with FFX

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Tomb Raider Underworld is a quick and easy platinum, so you'll be able to knock that one out pretty quickly.  The first Splinter Cell doesn't take too long, although one or two trophies have been known to cause problems, and the nature of the SC games means that you can't rush through them - you have to take your time.


Darksiders is in my backlog as well.

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As a heads up the PS3 version of Darksiders 2 has an online trophy (Pay It Forward)  that hasn't been available for the past 2 months. It's unknown if the servers will come back up at all but I wouldn't bet on it.

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