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The next Telltale game could be Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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So back in 2015 Telltale announced they had secured the license to create a video-game based off of a Marvel property but nothing has been heard since

However a recent link has revealed that Telltale seems to be making a game bases around the Guardians of the Galaxy which not too long back graced screens in one of the best superhero movies to date, directed by James Gunn of Slither fame

So what are your thoughts on this? Excited or not?



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Good for fans of Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy, but I would rather have a new Wolf Among Us.

I guess they will release it in time for the second movie.


Personally, after playing Game of Thrones, I feel burned out on Telltale games. They are always the same and that game made the fake choices super transparent.

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I have seen more chatter about a 2017 release, can't seem to find the original source though.


I'm getting every Telltale title eventually and I'd like a Guardians series a lot. I will not buy it right away though, I still have not bought either Batman or Minecraft (which I'm not even that interested in since I don't like the Minecraft game) because Telltale are horrible with quick sales, I'm never buying anything of them full priced again.


I really would like them to get on a second series of The Wolf Among Us though. Right now it's a bunch of Walking Dead and then every year a couple of new borrowed IPs instead of continuing on the ones they started on. WOuld love another Jurassic Park game, for that matter.

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It'd probably be decent, but although there's TWD 3, I'd prefer to see some more sequels, TWAU, TftB, maybe Batman (haven't played yet, but heard it's good) and Thrones was set up for a sequel, even though I personally found it to be a decent but flawed/frustrating game.   


I've said for a long time that TT should make the FF, Fighting Fantasy, series of books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, I played many of them as a kid and they'd be excellent, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Starship Traveller, House of Hell...the books are written as roleplay with decision making, it'd take little to tweak them for a game.   Worth noting Miyazaki said these books were an influence on him and the Souls games, amongst other things of course.

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