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Well, hello there!


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Hi everyone!


I have been some time around but actually never posted on the forums.


Just got a new account from last year´s December and decided to focus on trophy hunting since it feels like when you get that platinum, you have achieved everything that a the game can give to you.


So no platinums yet! I am working on some titles, big fan of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series here, Mass Effect, although I am still looking to import the trilogy (I have played the 2 first ones but, you know, is a trilogy, a start is a start), and... what else? Well, apart from gaming, I played drums, guitar, sing, and some nights I become a werewolf. But, don´t mind it, it´s nothing serious.



So hey, looking forward to knowing you all!

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Welcome to the forums! :D


I bought the trilogy pack of Mass Effect and I understand you, there is nothing like playing the whole trilogy game after game (even with ME3's ending being weak). The importing feature is amazing.


I am now doing Mass Effect 1's platinum, though I'll need a loooooot of playthroughs (more than the normal). If you want an advice, don't ever choose vanguard as your first class ¬¬

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