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Crysis Remastered Trophy Thoughts?

Ruka Sarashina

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56 minutes ago, Sinthoras_96 said:

Digital only

The original on PC actually had multiplayer. It was like Battlefield with nanosuits big maps with vehicles and air fights as well. 


They cut it on the console version and on this remaster here too. 


It's gonna be interesting to see, if they included the Vtol singleplayer mission this time. The already released switch version doesn't include it, but ps4 and one have more power, so maybe it will be there. 


i think he was refering to the fact, that it released seperately with a different launcher.


I hope they announce the new release date soon. Maybe this list appearing on the sony servers is a good sign and we will get this game in august.

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I hope the others also get Remastered like Crysis 2 and 3. Especially since i couldn't do Crysis 2 on the shutdown announcement in time. Will be nice if others can complete the whole set of them on PS4 as a series that missed out also on Crysis 2 PS3.

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5 minutes ago, bboysunny93 said:

i got this plat on PS3....
difficulty is 3/10
super easy game...delta difficulty isnt so bad...as u can just cloak and skip fights.


yeah, the hardest part of the game was actually the boss fight and one of the first fights against the ceph after you reunite with prophet iirc. These two weren't avoidable

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