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Crysis Remastered Trophy Thoughts?

Ruka Sarashina

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Well, the original Crysis had no MP either. ;)


I played the Crysis trilogy on PS3, and as much as I liked them, I'm not sure if I'll be picking this up.  At least, not for some time anyway.  The more time I spend playing remasters, the less time I have to play newer games, of which I seem to be amassing a steadily greater amount.


Crysis's graphics were great back on PS3, and from what I hear, even better on PC, so I'm sure the PS4's graphics will be top-notch.

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I played them on 360, definitely got the most mileage out of 2 so I'm a little disappointed that the entire trilogy isn't getting a proper remaster, but I'm excited for people to be able to play this that haven't had a chance before. It's not everything people hype it up to be unless you have a godly PC but it's still a pretty good time

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48 minutes ago, pavelbagirov said:

Physical too? When this will be released?

Digital only

4 hours ago, StewartBros said:

Well, the original Crysis had no MP either. ;)

The original on PC actually had multiplayer. It was like Battlefield with nanosuits big maps with vehicles and air fights as well. 


They cut it on the console version and on this remaster here too. 


It's gonna be interesting to see, if they included the Vtol singleplayer mission this time. The already released switch version doesn't include it, but ps4 and one have more power, so maybe it will be there. 

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