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  2. Sincerely, every Switch owner. Honestly, I had a little bit of a dark laugh. I feel for Switch owners. But their ENTITLEMENT that they deserved Persona 5 because of Joker in Smash... well... yeah. Game looks pretty great in its own right. Like P5 The Royal, it's a day one buy for me.
  3. 70€ around Europe which is around 80$
  4. I'm ok with this honestly. Hopefully we get some P3 and P4 characters as DLC or something.
  5. Ultimately the best critic of any game is you and your own structured opinion My advice - Nobody should ever ever base their decision on buying any game based on a Metacritic score. Metacritic is anecdotal data at best. Its average takes into account both reputable media outlets and shite entities. It's bad metrics. An accurate score would be an average of all reputable news outlets and reviewers. So if you pulled out all of the guff which gives a game 10% for mundane pointless stuff like 'not enough bobs or vegana' or 'voice actor wasn't troy baker, shit game' and the 100% ratings for stuff like 'ITS A GAME SO IT'S GREAT' or 'this is a modern classic because it's a game about horses doing the macarena'. Then you'd be left with an accurate score. The worst part is many game companies actually base the security of people's livelihoods and definition of success out of Metacritic data, which is truly terrible and kind of dangerous. A far better approach is to find a cluster of reputable reviewers and just put time into reading/watching those or to download a demo where possible and give that a try from there.
  6. Was there really that much of a hype train for Days Gone? I keep tabs on things pretty closely and I barely even heard the game mentioned up until Gamestop's 48 hour full credit return deal. Which is neither a glowing endorsement for the game, or for the marketing leading up to launch. Definitely the least anticipated of the PS4 exclusives by my own eye test. Not to take any credit away from you, but I think most rational people who keep their expectations in check find themselves in the same "usually being right" boat. It's just that most of the (vocal) gaming community aren't rational.
  7. I couldn't wait more longer so I created a new account w my new name and pay again for the Premium. Works fine the only problem is I cant login in the forum with the new id just with the old (its fine) I just wanted to update my profile (trophies) Update: don't do it guys its not working was a bad idea to do that
  8. Yeah, I feel you. i still have my PS3 hooked up, but the last few times I played it was for games I enjoyed very much (Hitman blood money and Beyond Good and Evil), but I definitely had forgotten how much I appreciate suspend mode. having to fully load up a game - or wait for a save point to stop - makes the process very slow - and trophy synching is beyond a joke compared to PS4 / Vita. Still a great library though!
  9. Pretty much the point. I personally haven't been too bewildered with Sony's stuff since after Horizon Zero Dawn. I said enough about God of War 2018 already. Detroit: Become Human comes off as meh. Marvel's Spider-Man is okay I guess, but does nothing we haven't seen already from Batman: Arkham Knight and other open world games that have pretty much dominated this console generation. I very rarely buy anything at launch anymore. Having to pay $60 plus $30 - 40 for Season Passes is just too much.
  10. Then again, you could just as easily approach the whole matter from the opposite perspective: would you just blindly jump in because a game looks glossy and is marketed with flashy trailers filled with cool action shots? Some outlets do deliver proper work on informing people correctly about what to expect. I'll tell you what I honestly think. I've been in the industry for over ten years and as such, I've developed a keen sense for sniffing out overmarketed games which are meant to hype you beyond reason and warm up your wallet to 100°C. My instinct warned me back in the day about big titles such as No Man's Sky, RAGE and Fallout 76: games that people were losing their minds over, especially the former. I was proven right on all of those cases when they turned out to be lackluster or even utterly disappointing. I am not claiming to have a flawless record, but I am noticing that I am right in a severe majority of those cases. I was not surfing the same wave of hype that so many people have been on for Days Gone. I was expecting it to disappoint, and that does turn out to be the case. I smiled when I saw the polarizing - and mostly mediocre - scores. Not because I enjoy watching a AAA game trip and fall, but because I saw my instinct was right again. If there is anything I'd loathe, it's the blind mob mentality that so many people (or sheep, in some cases) fall into. If you're upset that a game you've been losing sleep over or losing your mind over is getting lukewarm reception, you did that to yourself. Plain and simple. Keep your eyes open, don't set your expectations too high, and you'll have a much better time dealing with whatever gets thrown your way. The same goes for RAGE 2 ... That game may still surprise me, but it will most likely not tick off the boxes needed to be a classic or even a great game, not by a long shot. I'm very skeptical about that game as well, and if I were you, I'd wait to put down any money for RAGE 2(*). (*) Granted, I have not played a preview build yet, and I do not have a promotional copy (yet) as of this very moment, so take this with a grain of salt. But I am being very cautious about that game as well. Just as I was with Days Gone.
  11. He's done other things? I've only ever watched his nerd episodes
  12. SMT deserves a musou game much more than persona imo But SMT isn't important to atlus anymore so i cri
  13. I've followed James since 2006, and while he still does review bad video games from back in the day, he has expanded into other ventures. I don't agree with everything he does to a T, so that's what I have to say.
  14. Atlus has this weird thing about completely ignoring persona 1 and 2 if they can
  15. I mean a metacritic score in the 70's is far from a bad game. I was never interested enough in this game to buy it at launch anyway, much like Sony's other first/second party titles as of late.
  16. Yay another shitty musou game based on popular franchise, can't wait, like it's sooooooo original I can't help it but to look forward for when I'll be able to finally pre-order it 😂! But to be honest I feel bad for the owners of the Switch, I bet that's not what they were hoping for. And hey now that I think about it knowing Atlus and how much they love their spin-offs it's definitely gonna be canon. Definitely a hard pass for me.
  17. It works for the lunch boxes, foreign words and the ladders, so I don't see why it shouldn't work for oldbag's trophy.
  18. Not exactly a good choice of person who only plays bad retro games
  19. I have known Angry Joe from YouTube since around 2011 and he is one of the most well known reviewers out there. He can say it sucks in his style of video format as he has maintained for a number of years now. I know Angry Joe best when he goes on his bitching sessions like the one he pulled off when Batman: Arkham Knight was running like shit on Steam. Sadly, there are sheep out there who will take what Angry Joe, James Rolfe (AVGN) or PewdiePie say in their videos and think everything that is mentioned to be true, without thinking for themselves. That is not expressing your own self, that's just taking what somebody, usually a stranger's opinion on something over your own. That's how the YouTube system works. If anything I will watch the smaller guys on that website, while they lack the general audience the bigger channels have I find them to be much more intriguing and to the point. While I have nothing against those guys on the big channels, it's clear they are in it for the money. We'll just have to see what people here will think of the game when it comes out. I won't be buying it for a while still because I'm broke, but also because it's yet another open world game that I have no real interest in diving into right away. People rated God of War 2018 and Marvel's Spider-Man highly and were giving both games 10 out of 10 without question. Maybe they smartened up a bit and realized that Days Gone is using the same type of format that Horizon Zero Dawn standardized. I don't know, I'm just guessing but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm fairly close to the mark.
  20. I bought it anyways, the internet tried to kill this game the day the first trailer was released. The Sheep follow behind and the reviews show. Some of the reviews say it is repetitive but then you look at their reviews of Farcry and AC games and theres no mention of repetitiveness in some of the most repetitive games ever made. Not to say it wont be repetitive as well but I love myself a Zombie game and can get past whatever issues it has. This games reviews are also all over the fucking place like ive never seen before.
  21. I’d personally much rather have seen them do just about anything else with the Persona 5 brand. A musou game doesn’t seem like a great fit to me. Good for those who do like these games though.
  22. Just making sure no pointless fights are being started, glad to know you did not misunderstood him then.
  23. I am unbelievably hype for this. Warriors games are at their best when they're spin offs, and Persona games always have a high level of polish. So I'm sure this is going to be fantastic.
  24. I didn't feel like he was calling me out lol. If what I said sounded defensive, I didn't mean for it too. Just keeping the conversation going.
  25. It was more of a general statement than anything directed at him personally. In the same sense there are a lot of people who stubbornly follow the popular trends and don't necessarily look at unpopular games in a rational and open minded light... there's such thing as being too stubborn and biased in the process of making up your own mind (especially once you start expressing your opinions publicly and don't respect your audience). Hence why it's important to approach most things in life with an open mind, make your own judgements... but also accept and understand what other people have to say too (taking highly opinionated matters with a grain of salt of course).
  26. Only things in ACG's review that concern me are the technical issues. The sound bug where he had to start a totally different game to correct it sounds particularly troublesome. Still getting the game tomorrow though as I enjoy open world games and the review scores are good enough.
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