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  2. I don't want to get involved with the current topic about trophies but the Devs said before the game released this trophy would be almost impossible to obtain, When people started to get it they were upset and reports said they were calling them cheaters or got it from a glitch and so on. There were other comments as well but I never looked it all up.
  3. I am most happy about the film grain removal option.
  4. Don't give me hope again...
  5. Hexagone by a mile. The only one that requires skill and tactics. Royal Fumble was fun at first but got laggier over time for some reason with phantom tail grabs and shit. And Fall Mountain can go choke on something hard... seriously. I always start in the last row and have to waste time running over corpses of others who fell in my line, additionally is the most random one with the balls being able to hit you randomly anywhere... so yeah, not a fan of it at all. I wouldn't mind Hexagone being the finale all the time, it is just fun.
  6. How is adding a challenge to a trophy list trolling trophy hunters lmao.
  7. What was the reason for the flag and what trophies are you disputing?
  8. I think developers should fix game breaking glitches and not fix things like this. It's like the Killing Force 2 bugs where you could get yourself stuck somewhere so the enemies can't find you. I think that fixing glitches that help the player should not be fixed because all this does is penalise players who were late to the party.
  9. I stand corrected then.
  10. so I don't understand what the problem is... these trophies can be obtained by passing the DLC on NG++ and not playing them before.
  11. Nope disabled for permadeath as well
  12. I really love this game,but the developer's attitude about trophy hunters pissed me off,this trophy was made only for trolling purpose.If the community have found a workaround, just accept it instead of keep going with this shit,a patch is absolutely unnecessary.
  13. All the cheats like infinite ammo, infinite resources, unlimited listen mode range I guess. I just asked, if it's possible to use cheats on grounded and on permadeath. He said cheats aren't available on both.
  14. 64th :platinum: , Dead or Alive 5: Last Round




    I wish the list had something for the story mode too, but anyway I'm happy to have played a DOA game finally. Definitely many... interesting characters here that I wouldn't mind to see more of. A fast platinum, but for those like me who don't play fighting games, completing even one characters combo challenge can be frustrating, or some of the more advanced tutorial missions. Also thanks for @hassansabah for helping out with 100 online matches.

  16. Please do not create boosting threads. Use the Sessions ( to boost.
  17. Yeah, yeah, you win. Clap clap clap. At this point I'd just want a "I'm not an elitist, but..." trophy.
  18. Its probably the first thread on this game you've been watching. The reason why i said that is because everyone on this forum just keeps telling me how luck based and imossible it is because its too much rng. People are using excuses as "luck" and "server disconects" (which is ironically the way people are getting this trophy now) for their lack of skill and dont want to admit it and just blame it on pure "luck" because you know. "ThIs TrOpHy ReQuIreS nO sKilL" :)))))
  19. They're disabled on Grounded. Probably can still use them for permadeath.
  20. Will you still get the trophies with cheats enabled?
  21. Hey i am about to start this game on vita i would appreciate any help. I see that some trophies need human team mates, would be great to get people together for it!
  22. Ziyyah Catlateral Damage Hello again I am sorry I didnt know that we are in dictatorial forum. I am not here for wasting your time I am here seeking a settlement and Dont keep closing my topics as MMDE did who keeps throw Epithet "Liar" at me! Cmon MMDE This is not what your sweet Mommy told you! <br /> <br /> Here is my argument Ok you got me out of LB because what you belivein flagged/ cheated Platinums ! i say you have the right and i am ready to negotiate with you about them. BUT NOT all my games Platinums are cheated ! actually MOST of them are LEGIT .and took me long time to collect them.<br /> <br /> My suggesion: getting someone out of LB and make him restart from beggining is just UNJUST, you can delete cheated Platinums or low his points trohpies or send him a message letting him know for example. Because some of us "Trophy Hunters" arent aware of these politics in PSNprofile. You cant blame someone for not knowing / his ignorance.<br /> <br /> Finally, I dont care about LB in PSN profile because i didnt know about it than very late by my friend. Consider my suggestion a new idea to improve PSNprofile. Because sometimes Gamers did something without knowing its consequences.
  23. I’m not the one crying about having my fun ruined for me, that’s you. Eyeing my profile to try and validate yourself makes no sense in this regard. Most of my fun doesn’t come from trophies themselves, I have never claimed they did. Using the word as an excuse to not have it fixed is real fucking petty though. Imagine you make a game with a difficult challenge and somebody finds a way to negate all the difficulty. You would want that fixed right? If not, why the fuck are you even adding the challenge? In this sense, you’re just the person complaining in the corner because it wasn’t made to fit your skill criteria. Maybe look at the shit you’re typing instead of trying to validate yourself with my trophy list.
  24. I can't speak for the boosting, but if you're in a party you can queue up alongside them. The PVP isn't really dead so it might be a little difficult to try to get matched up against a friend. But as for weapons and armor everything is balanced differently in PVP than it is in PVE. Gear score (if you have it on) isn't calculated; so no 300 score player is going to one shot a 0 score player. Though certain weapons out preform other weapons, such as high a fully automatic weapon out preforming semi-automatic weapons.
  25. T-Bone: Pest Control Complete Act 3 Okay, DLC done, now back to main game grinding.
  26. This game will be dead in a week or two. In couple of months nobody will even remember that such a garbage came out. Even if boosting with 10 people will be possible it still gonna be a massive grind. This game is just not worth it.
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