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MVPP [Apr 2021] [Win Prize] [Sign up Closed]

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Shua_Jwillythom88xZoneHunter,Wavergray You all have beed added. Nice to see a a lot of new players signing up! ?

7 hours ago, Han_the_Dragon said:

I though that you would alternate this with the other events...


Anyway, I'm in, even if I don't know how far I will go..

That is smart idea. It's a nice complement maybe to other challenges you do.  You have been added Han_the_Dragon!



7 hours ago, Caquis_1 said:

I also liked to join this one :) In fact, can I be signed for every month? lol


What I like to know is if I don't participate in a month and I get a platinum, it wouldn't count for the year leaderboard, right?

As far now, you need to actively sign up. I will keep you on my short list and ping you when a new starts. ?
Correct, that would not count. Only the points you earn in the monthly contests will count.
I will create a picture that hopefully explains it. 

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Here is a way to explain the MVPP Yearly Leaderboard, Caquis_1.
So the points from all the monthly MVPP challenges you sign up will be your yearly score.

For example. You earned 2000 p in Feb then you did not sign up for March.
Then you were back in April and earned 1000 p and so on.

I hope this explains it a little better. ?

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