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Should All PSN Titles for PS4 Be Platinum?


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Sorry to break it to you, but there are A LOT of games with platinums that are < 10h to plat, and even more with < 15h. There are, seemingly random, downloadable games with plat level scoring, there are long as hell downloadables (would argue upper 5% of all games on Playstation platform) with 315p. There is no integrity to that system anyway. If you have free week and some cash for bunch of imports/disney games, you can pretty easily net 20+ plats in a week from full-fledged boxed releases.


Also, as I've said, there is very, very small probability, that games would be getting "9 golds and plat" - in most cases they will just get much more trophies, if only because more trophies would help keep more people playing and maybe they'll stay with game long enough, to get a DLC. There is no benefit to having small number of trophies for developers, unless they just don't care. Look at revised list in Trine 2 on PS4 - devs done ham-fisted job on PS3, trophies were doable even without beating the game once(!!!), they provide hardly any satisfaction from completing, generally meh, even with game being amazing. So with re-release they've put their mind to it and new list looks way more interesting. Achievements and trophies are part of gaming experience, most devs understand it, and see that going with "9 golds and plat" wouldn't serve anyone.


I would even argue, that indies could put in much more interesting achievements - look at Limbo - only going through game hardly gives you anything. Lone Survivor - Jasper Byrne negotiated with Sony putting in info for players, to disable Notifications on first playthrough, because they are not meant to be seen during it. And, if I see correctly, there are none that you just "get", like in all your CoDs and Uncharteds, where finishing the game once or twice is enough to get ~80% trophies and the rest are collectibles and 2 sometimes fun, sometimes gimmicky bronzes or multiplayer grinds extraordinare. Which option have more integrity in your opinion?

First of all: Wow that is a lot to read.


I based the times on my own experiences and seeing how I don't have that much time to play games, I could never achieve 20 plats in a week. I also said 9 or so gold and thise games I mentioned are just examples. I know games like Hannah Montana, Megamind, etc can be completed in less than 5 hours. And most other games in less than 15 hours, but like I said, I'm basing it on my own experiences. Btw, I think you're taking this a bit too seriously. The OP asked for my opinion and I gave it. After reading all your responses, I'm still not sure wether you want every PSN game to have a plat or not.

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Some of you might have heard, but all digital only Xbox One games will be at least 1000GS.  Do you guys think Sony should follow this and make all digital only games Platinum?  If you plan on getting a Xbox One also would it slay you to buy more digital games on Xbox than PS4 b/c of this difference.  Thoughts or comments.

I think they should have a alternative something like platinum but less value example zinc or something better cant really think of something atm i like the fact completing all trophies earns you the ultimate trophy in that game and its a small incentive to get the last remaining few also looks so much better having the platinum trophy imagine next to the 100% so they should definitely have something but not necessarily a platinum but something of less value with the same aim 

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As much as I love getting plats I personally think it wouldn't be a good idea to give PSN titles a full platinum trophy...Reason being is that most of these PSN titles are very quick to finish so I strongly think it would just be silly to give plats to such a easy games. Also it would ruin the whole point of these PSN titles :)   Just wish they'd add more trophies for more replay value :P 

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Sure, and also let's add extra one or two to existing games.

Oh, wait, Sound Shapes did exactly that.

System is flawed already, so I don't really care. Platinum is just another type of trophy that doesn't have any special meaning. Points are just points.

What I do care is rarity of 100%. And I would like to see it implemented here...

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Ehh don't care, if they're smart they'd give us 11 golds and a platinum; if they're in the business of making money they'd do exactly that.

I think when a game has just 12 bronze I almost just don't want to play it as I could be spending the time elsewhere on a different game getting a platinum, the walking dead, sly, term salvation, jak.. loads of mainstream games have easy plats, so if the system was ever gonna be broken by easy plats, it would've been broken a looooong time ago.


Number of Plats a person has don't even matter anyways, the score is more important, that's what get's you up there in the leader boards. 

So if you wanna give hunters an easy plat all power too you, all this honorable trophy hunting bs is bs anyways, ohh he/she got megamind and miley cyrus, that's cheap -.- so what, they're in the platinum trophy collecting business and he/she is doing exactly that; collecting platinums, end of story.


If you won't give a platinum at least chuck us a few golds and/or silvers.. all bronze is just so wasteful.. ahem contrast -.-


I play for trophies, you think that's bad.. cool story bro, don't wanna hear why that's wrong in your opinion, we all have fun in different ways :pimp:  

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I'm not sure how giving PSN titles will ruin the system any more than easy games that are already out there do. Soul Calibur II is a PSN title with a platinum, even though it's easy I don't see a reason why it doesn't deserve one considering it was a retail title at one time. It doesn't make a difference to me either way, honestly.

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If it's a short, easy game, then no, it shouldn't have a platinum trophy IMO.


... I say we need more A-AA games like Ratchet & Clank, Spyro (PS1), Okami, Sly Cooper, etc.; games that are fun and addicting but not hard and have relatively easy platinums. (not too short, too long, too hard, too easy)  :rolleyes:

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It should stay the same as it is right now.

I played a game called "Rain" (From Japan). It was short but had a beautiful story and has no plat. It should stay that way.

If there should be a plat, determine it by how many trophies there are~  :yay:

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A toughie.

See, a lot of PSN titles are rather small, which may mean either making games with more valuable trophies, or making a bunch of really easily achievable story trophies or what-not to fit the game's length.


I suppose a potential benefit to this would be it would allow smaller companies to come up with inventive challenges for trophies, as well as extending the lifetime of the game.


The potential downside would be that then more testing would need to be done to the game to make sure a trophy unlocks when it's supposed to, and we all know testing is already a pain to begin with.


Should it be done? Eh... maybe.

If freaking Terminator Salvation (a game I have not played) can get away with having only a handful of gold trophies with its platinum, then why not, say, Flower or Journey?

One game I think should have been platinum would be Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. It had more than enough content for a Platinum. Other games include RE4 and Code Veronica, along with others I can't think of right now.


Will it happen? I think it likely.

I predict in six months or so, Sony will announce that all PSN titles will be able to choose whether or not they want to be platinum, and then by the end of 2014 platinums will be mandatory.

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