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Can't connect to internet with PS4


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I had my PS4 in power saving mode for a few hours whilst I cooked tea and put my son to bed and now I'm not able to access the internet via my playstation! 


I've checked for system updates and there aren't any and I've powered off the PS$ and turned it on again. 


I've tested the internet connection which is fine but apparently the 'network sign-in' has failed. I've found a video online that suggests deleting my account and reinstalling but honestly, I am not at all tech savvy so don't feel confident risking deleting my account!


Any help would be much appreciated as I use my PS4 for telly and Youtube as well as gaming.



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Ah, OK. Thanks all. I did a Google of the error code and it was saying that it's an error at Sony's side. Good to know that this is a universal problem and not just me. I'll watch Youtube via my telly and hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. 

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No need to panic. I bought this fancy TV second hand off this bloke in Erdington the other day and it turns out I can get BBC iPlayer through it so I'll still be able to watch This is My House and Glow Up tonight. Phew! I don't like to be without my junk TV! :)

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6 minutes ago, Folkenio said:

Somehow, I've been logged in this entire time. Just finished some matches on Rocket League before everyone started talking about the server issues, and I'm currently on YouTube on my PS4. No idea how.


Yeah I've been having zero issues as well, been on my PS4 for pretty much the whole evening. Haven't been playing an online game mind you but haven't noticed any issues, and have been periodically going back to my dashboard to sync/check trophies. Very strange, but it's certainly not the first time PSN has been having issues and I'm somehow fine, or the inverse, PSN is having some issues and I'm one of the few affected.


Anyhow, good to hear it seems like it's resolved for many now.

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