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I'm a female gamer,i just recently bought the ps4 but i do still have my ps3.I mostly play RPG games right now i've been playing Diablo 3 for the ps3.If any other female gamers would like to add me my psn is Ghost_Girl_777.I've also been playing Dragon Dogma and i also have the PS Vita.My husband is also into gaming, he too has the ps3 and ps4 but he mostly likes shooter type games like GTA and Killzone.Also i have been playing DC Universe online for the ps4 and its very fun i hope they make more games like this.I have read that Elder scrolls online is coming soon to the ps4 can't wait to play that!! B)

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Thankyou for the Welcomes!!! I cant wait to see some awesome RPGs for the ps4,i've read that there will be a final fantasy coming out next year,i'm a fan of that series so looking forward to that one too :rolleyes: .


Hey, welcome to the site :) Also, if it's FFXV you are talking about, it hasn't got a release date at the moment and for it to release next year would be awesome but I doubt it.  There is Lightning Returns FFXIII for PS3 and FFXIV for PS4 coming out next year though.

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