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Shaq Fu 2 is happening

Lady Lilith

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The original was a game that even Electronic Arts admits was an "abomination". This game's crowdfunding campaign was, let's be honest, a little weird. But whatever! A second Shaq-Fu game looks like it's actually happening.P

Twenty Years Later, EA Admits Shaq Fu was an Abomination

ESPN's E:60 newsmagazine ran an evergreen feature last night on the history of sports video ...Read more

The project passed its funding goal earlier today, developers Big Deez confirming that work is underway on both consoles and PC. P

Given Shaq's wealth (making the need for public money a little weird) and the fact that, cult status aside, the first game was garbage, this is going to be an interesting thing to keep an eye on.P

Especially after seeing this image of a cyborg Arsenio Hall.P


Note that one of the backer rewards - at a cost of $35,000 - was for Shaq to come and DJ your party. And someone paid for it.


There are no words.

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Well to each his own I guess. I'm holding back my opinion till the game is released, only because judging a game on concept alone is somewhat unfair. There is always a chance that this game will be the most awesome thing ever. anything's possible :unsure:

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i Might get this, i do tend to play bad games e.g very soon i am gonna be starting Ride to Hell Retribution and will later be buying the Rambo game


Me too to all the above :D


How's Bodycount btw?

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You know what would be funny. If the dev teams behind games like Blazblue or Street Fighter were to take this project on and focus on making it one of the best and most competitive fighters around.  That way there would be future tournaments where people would have to play Shaq FU because of how good it is. :P

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