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Dead Rising 2



DR2 Trophy Master

You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2.


congrats on the plat. i agree about the 60 fps, after the good job they did with the original dead rising remaster (although they still didn't fixed some of the big issues that were present on the original game like the horrible and frustrating AI) i was left disappointed with dr2 remaster. although i only experienced 1 crash in my whole playthrough and i didn't experienced any of those other glitches you mentioned like levitating, getting stuck on the ground, falling through walls, etc... so i was impressed by those pics you shared, hopefully capcom will release a patch afterwards.


i kind of like the idea of capcom wanting to do more remasters of their old games, since there are many games from their catalogue that would be good to have with trophy support like resident evil outbreak, haunting ground, etc but at the same time i'm worried about their qualities. hopefully since those are ps2 games their quality will be better compared to their ps3 remasters (their re6 remaster was good though)


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#32 Valedictorian

Earn All Trophies

Enjoyment : 7/10

Difficulty : 3/10


Fun game until the late game grinding.... why the hell all those walking, ride de bike and skating trophies? Apart from that, really enjoyed it, fun and crazy story! I was not able to play it in the PS2 so I'm happy Rockstar made this remaster.



congrats on the plat! although is not really a remaster, since this ps2 games on ps4 are more catalogued as emulations since is the exact same game from the ps2 with no graphical differences except for added trophy support, 1080p, among other features...


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platinum #120 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

completed in 1 day and 4 hours

average completion 82%

platinum rarity 71.99% common

amount i paid for this rare game: 25$


i decided to swerve off the track to make sure the game i purchased works. i am still not done on the main track with Diablo 3 ROS but will be going to that after i finish some more of pacman 256.


i can always start another quickie if ROS takes longer than 1-2 weeks. just gotta be really careful what i pick as the storage on the ps3 is very low :(.

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