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Why do you pre-order games?


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Normally because of pre-order extras or just for playing in the release date.


I just pre-ordered The Last of Us, GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts. 


I stopped getting those because of Ghosts, that game definitely sucked!


Also after that frustration, i started reading reviews and watching gameplays before buying a game.


Many people regret buying Ghosts. After i got the platinum, i sold that shit. It's so weak compared to Black Ops II

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I like to preorder games I really like and are normally going to sell well. normally only have to put a fiver down and just means that I know there a copy waiting for me when I walk into the store, I also like to get some of thee collectors editions for some games for the bonus items, plus I can always walk into the store and cancel my preorder if I decide against getting the game.
there are sometimes bonuses u only get with preordering as well or are charged for later on.

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I used to pre-order games because I wanted because I knew I would immediately forget about them and only remember they ever came out at least a year after release. The first game I pre-ordered was Darksiders II and that was because I had just discovered the Darksiders games and was eagerly awaiting the release of the DS2. After that, I pre-ordered Premium Edition of BioShock Infinite simply because the BioShock series is absolutely amazing.


After that, I just started pre-ordering every game I wanted. I feel like pre-ordering isn't worth it though, because all the exclusive content almost always becomes available as DLC either for free promotional DLC reasons or as paid DLC. We know hardly anything about The Order: 1886, but I had pre-ordered it the day after it was announced. I may or may not cancel that pre-order though. It really depends on what happens along the course of the game's development cycle, but that's the last game I'll be pre-ordering for a while. If I do pre-order any games, it will be exclusively Limited or Collector Editions that come with physical items, soundtracks, or something that I feel justifies spending twice the full retail price of a game for.


One interesting thing you can do though, is you can put $5 down on a game you have pre-ordered whenever you can afford to, and then just gradually pay for it over time that way. That's what a few of my friends do, and I can't really see any negatives to it, so I might start trying that eventually. You still pay the full price, but it certainly helps you feel better about it since you're only paying it little by little like you would a loan. You can also get the games a lot cheaper if you wait, so that's always a plus. I was late to the last-gen party as I couldn't afford a next-gen console when it came out, so by the time I was ready to buy some major titles, they were already about $20 - $50 cheaper than when they first came out. I was able to purchase BioShock and BioShock 2 for a total of $18 with my PowerUp Rewards Premium membership. BioShock ended up being the best $10 I ever spent on a video game, and I would have been more than happy to pay twice the amount of the regular retail price in order to get my hands on either a Limited or Collector Edition.


As far as the games being in stock though, that's never really a problem (or at least not where I live), so I don't see why you would have to worry about that. I was fortunate enough to be able to afford pre-ordering a PlayStation 4, and that was the only time a pre-order has ever allowed me to get something that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. My PS4 was the last one my local GameStop had when I went to pick it up after school. Sorry this post is so long. I kind of ended up going on a bit of a rant. :lol:

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1st I like collector's editions of games and obscure jrpgs. Many of these are unavailable or very difficult/expensive to obtain if you didn't pre-order. I even had pre-ordered the limited edition Destiny but then got an email weeks later saying they didn't have enough units to fulfill all of the pre-orders. 


2nd It helps to support your favorite local game store. Many stores base their initial shipment of games based off of pre-order numbers. For example: Store A has only 1 pre-order for a game. Corporate decides nobody in this town wants the game and only ships 10 copies to Store A. Now Store B gets 20 pre-orders so corporate decides there's a bigger demand here and sends Store B 70 copies. This is less of an issue with big name titles like Halo or Super Smash Bros which are basically guaranteed to be in stock. 


3rd It helps the game developers. Often the initial success of a game is based on the number of pre-orders and the first week sales. This can factor in on how much funding they may get for their next project.


4th You often get pre-order bonuses and swag. 


5th I get free shipping on my pre-orders so they just appear in the mail which is a 5 min drive for me as opposed to a 1hour drive.


I used to work in a used video game store and I can't tell you how many times we wouldn't have enough copies of a game solely because barely anyone put in a pre-order.


I do try to check out game previews if it is a brand new series I know nothing about before I pre-order. So far there has only ever been two games I felt burnt on: Murdered Soul Suspect on PS4 and Castlevania Lords of Shadow for 3DS. I did enjoy playing the games themselves, just felt ripped off when 5 hours later I had completely 100% the whole game. 

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I only pre-order games that I know I'll enjoy. So far, I have... except for NASCAR '14, which suckered me in with the Deep Silver-themed cars, primarily the Saints Row IV one, as a pre-order bonus at GameStop. Eutechnyx, remind me to never buy anything made by you ever again.

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Hmm? Why I pre-order?  :blink:


On a personal note: To avoid self regret and to get limited editions...  :huh:


On a broader note: to get said limited editions and to avoid looking for the game later

and to give myself time to pay it off before the release date...  :blush:

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I don't pre-order often.  I generally do it I think out of excitement.  Like I want to play the game right now, so going to Game Stop and paying for it feels like it's closer to coming out than it is.  I've really only pre-ordered a handful of games:  NHL12, Borderlands 2, DeadPool and Diablo 3.  Borderlands I pre-ordered cause my friend wanted to go to the midnight launch.  I did it more for him.  He likes waiting in line for midnight launches and stuff like that.  I actually didn't even really want the game, but ended up really enjoying it.  I'd have to agree with the poster earlier that had said they do it to support the developer.  That was especially true for me with DeadPool.  I was just so happy that the game was being made that I wanted to support the product.

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I only pre-order the games that I really want to have on Day 1 and so far, I've pre-ordered 5 games I think. I pretty much always pre-order from a certain online store that usually sells the games ~10€ cheaper than what they do in local GameStops / other stores that sell games. Despite it being an online store I always get the game the day it is released and even got a game a day early once.

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I don't


Pre-ordering only makes sense to me when it's about limited/collectors editions.

The value of such an edition is obvious in the beginning, but eventually you realize that you overpaid.

So I stopped pre-ordering.


Nowadays I buy most games when they either have a serious price drop or when a friend sells them to me.

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