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Survival flash sale


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Didn't see a post on this, but correct me if I'm wrong. There's a flash sale this weekend!



Its decent nothing I would really get though. Off topic: I hope the Royals kill the Blue Jays. I live in the town that has their rookie leauge in it so I got to see Hosmer, Moose, Perez etc etc. Go Royals!
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Outbreak and twister for $7-13  :lol:  :lol:  :| GTFO sony....seriously, don't say anything just leave. I was like 8 or 9 when I saw those on television and vhs! ffs...their movie prices are horrible. Only reason why I'm so upset is cause I loved those movies so much when I was growing up. I'd happily shell out 1.99 or something for them, but thats just absurd. 

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Its decent nothing I would really get though. 

Decent? Lol, it's much better :P

Bastion, Rupture, Lone Survivor (everyone already has that xD), Hotaru, Machinarium, Valhalla and... VLR!


I might get motorstorm apocalypse if I found a boosting partner in time.

I migth get it too, the online trophies can be done with just 2 people?

You can get it yourself with second account and second controller.

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I partly want to get saints row gat out of hell for ps4 or the darksiders bundle collection ,I'm sldo tempted to get 3 Lego games from the WB sale even though I dislike lefo games but most likely I'll just save till Tuesday and hopefully something I really want will go on sale.

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This is why I love having an American account. Bought some more $ vouchers on eBay and splurged on this sale. Picked up Rapture, Firefly Diary and Virtue's Last Reward as well as LEGO Marvel for Vita and Hobbit for PS4 from the WB Sale. Happy with my deals!

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