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PSN not working


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I've been having issues on the PS3. I get signed out at least once a day at a random time. I was thinking it was my ISP, but it seems a number of people have been having the same issue too. The problems don't seem to be happening on the PS4 or Vita though (from what I hear).

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It's the PS4 I'm having problems with here. Some days nothing will work on the bleeding thing.  Want to check/sync my trophies? Nope. Look at my friends list? Even bigger nope. Check the store? Biggest nope. You'd think instead of all these useless updates we'd get one that actually fixes things.

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This post actually made me laugh =D

Likely? =D PS4 is the only thing existing in Sony's eyes :P

I was trying to sugarcoat it a little, damn it! xD

Yup yup. I was getting signed out 5-6 times on Mon. Last night I earned some trophies in Lords of Shadow that still haven't updated on PSNProfiles, even after synching with the PSN server.

I know it doesn't help, but it seems like anyone who doesn't have trophies show does later.

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