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Easy king trophy glitch


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4 hours ago, Zerathel said:

Ok guys so we got guy who reported bug. So got solution for eventually patch. Just play on ps3 without patch. Game will launch and got older map. You will not be a leaderboard but this not necessary. 

Yes I'm pretty sure even the "guy who reported bug" came up with that solution in some other post. For those who love the game, the leaderboards are better without such scores, which the patch will fix... and if you really want to use this method, you still can by deleting patches, if you play on the right console. As for the bug report, a report has now been sent to the lead developers, but whether they will fix is another matter. 

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4 minutes ago, Winston said:

i asked beacuse im level 7 but I dont see any void.. Is it possible?


Just keep looking around.  They are random and take a little time to find in the worlds, think I found one in stage 3 or 4 on my world.  I remember thinking myself where the hell is this void and then I found it.

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20 hours ago, mr-2007aaron said:

The trophy can still be achieved after the patch. You have to download the game on ps3 and deny the prompt update when starting the game.

I got mine on (30 april 2017).

Oh niceee, I didnt think about that. 

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4 hours ago, Stuart Pot said:

Just curious, but would anyone happen to know if the glitch still works on the Vita? I've had the game installed for months, and the only update it shows when I press the update history is version 1.01.


Vita should be no problem since the game and any update can be downloaded seperately. So if it doesn't work, simply delete it, re-download the game and stop the update.

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