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Expired Security Certificate?

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Hey guys, I'm getting a message that says:


"Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from psnprofiles.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)." 


I can't access the site on Chrome or Firefox and was wondering if this was an issue with everyone? Currently having to use Edge.

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In any future case, if you can't access the site in Chrome and clicking "advanced" doesn't give you any "proceed anyway" message:

  1. go here: chrome://net-internals/#hsts
  2. go down to the delete domain security policies input field
  3. input: forum.psnprofiles.com
  4. click delete

You should now get the "proceed anyway" option under "advanced" when trying to access the site.

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5 hours ago, BlindMango said:

Sly forgot to renew it... again xD


Anyway yeah, like Spyro said Sly probably won't figure it out until the morning, but most browsers let you bypass it easily, Chrome is annoyingly stubborn


How often does Sly forget to renew it?


5 hours ago, Sly Ripper said:

Fixed, no security risk. The certificate renews automatically but there's an issue with the Web sever not reloading it automatically.


Maybe create a reminder for it XD?

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