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BunShit do it again


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'Lest ye be judged' with other words the number 1 competitive game mode in destiny pvp.

now that destiny 2 decided to go back to the old setup having sniper and shotguns and fusion rifles in a secondary slot they really have to change the balancing of some weapons, before they release the game mode again.


I'm sure that's why they removed the game mode for a limit time, this game mode is going nowhere!  

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8 hours ago, Marinsalda said:

I didn't read anything about that mode come back in the 5 season. 


That's the point. Don't create misleading thread if you didn't even bother to get the information about the trophy. Bungie specifically stated when the trophy will be attainable again. But it's easier to call them "BunShit" and make ignorant rant about it.

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On 9/4/2018 at 0:15 AM, Marinsalda said:

Yes, it's my fault. Bungie quit a Game Mode and it's my fault.

They didn't quit anything, they temporarily removed it. You have had the game since march so why didn't you get the trophy before? You have had months to get it.... yet all of a sudden decide the get it when its temporarily removed? 

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On 9/3/2018 at 8:59 AM, ZireaelReviews said:

And to think Bungie were untouchable during the days they released the halo games.



It's very much known that Bungie was just as unorganized then. Microsoft was constantly micromanaging them to keep them in shape. It's part of why they were so willing to part with them. 

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