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How difficult?


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I don't know if 'hard' qualifies. It's just bullshit because it relies soooo heavily on luck.


Let me toss an example out there. This level. I got nowhere near winning over and over, and then magically finished with 8 seconds left because most of the spawns were on the right side and in order of the direction I was headed [down usually]. So it allowed me to get them faster. This is entirely dependent on RNGesus to bless you with victory. There are levels that it's literally impossible to win because the time is extremely strict and the spawns you get are too far away from each other. I'm talking polar opposite sides of the map over and over. There's not enough time to win those.



This video specially shows how luck dependent it is.

If not for the end portion spawning the notes right by each other he probably would have lost. Enjoy that for the vast majority of death mode. Pray to RNGesus to get lucky you win at all. Because skill has barely anything to do with most of them.

You can do it, but it's largely outside of your control. So I don't think that qualifies as "hard". Just utter nonsense.

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1 minute ago, VoidVictorious said:

So 4/10 is the consensus?

I would sway between a 4 and a 5, so that sounds about right. If you can stay cool while doing repetitive tasks you'll probably have an easier time. If you get frustrated easily and lose focus, it'll be harder. 

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I know this is an old thread but for anyone looking at it, I started all 3 versions after the servers shut down so I had to do all 3 stacks legit (can't believe I had the patience) after doing one stack you kind of get a feel for it, I completed the entire PS4 version w/ DLC start to finish in about 5 hours after doing the PS3 stack. As said above, just need luck and some patience.

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On 2020-06-27 at 7:40 PM, DemonicDraco said:

I tried starting this 3 or 4 times just cant stand or understand this game.

I completely forgot about this game. I am embarrassed to say I still need to finish it. ?


When I got into trophy hunting a few years ago, I picked this game up relatively early in my trophy hunting “career” when it was on sale for dirt cheap. I got it purely for the plentiful trophies, which I’d heard were very easy. It was my first rhythm game and I believe it was also my first ever 2D platformer, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I absolutely adored the campaign. It was really fun and the music was fantastic.


But then I started Death Mode...


I think I played for about an hour or two before I got frustrated and took a break. This ended up being a mistake because I never fired up the game again after that. I remember feeling totally mind boggled at the time that the average person was finishing this game in like 5-6 hours, because it’s not like most platformers where you can practice a difficult section over and over, slowly improving your route, your jumps, and your time. Instead it seemed to be almost entirely reliant on luck. Watching guides for this was no help either, it just got me insanely frustrated because the video authors would always get these extremely lucky spawns and a large flurry of notes grouped together, and my experience in the game was so much different.


I’ve now been trophy hunting for nearly 3 years and have far more skill and experience than I did then, and quite a few platformers completed. I’ve platinumed far harder games than this piece of shit. So I feel like I’d be much better and focused this time around and should come back and clean this embarrassment off my list once and for all. But every time I think of finishing this game I just feel so incredibly deflated and unmotivated. It’s sucks to suck man ☹️

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Personally, I am not sure how anyone says this game is actually "easy".  Sounds Shapes is annoying as hell, and at times can be a real pain in the ass.


After reading that it was easy, I bought it.  And I regret buying it.  Personally I'd rate it much higher.  In the 6's to 7's.  Because anything requiring luck, shouldn't be listed as easy.  


I'd avoid Sound Shapes.

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Very much based on luck with spawns; it's VERY frustrating. But when it was done, it felt rewarding. It was the only platinum I'd allow myself to get a stack of 3 from. I don't see the point of "free" platinums from stacks, but for Sound Shapes I made the exception lol.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring and echo the same sentiments as many others; it really just boils down to patience and RNG luck.


My own specialized advice would be to recognize each level's unique subtleties by using your 30-40 inevitable fails messing around with their limitations, and you'll eventually figure out the "key" to completing that specific challenge.


Like one of the first death mode levels, where you can't hop on the same thing twice in a row. Trying to change directions before landing, after bouncing off, trying to get to the next node quickly; it all leads to thinking that it's impossible to change the momentum on a dime.


The key was to not immediately worry where the next node was and just keep going in whatever direction I was headed because it gave an extra second to focus on the landing/bouncing/direction change and, while I was doing the switch, the node had been on the screen for a while now and easier to pick up with my eyes no longer trying to notice the node and take my eyes off of turning within the same millisecond. It almost felt like I was getting sloppy on purpose by not caring and giving myself an extra bounce per node, but it ended up going so smoothly that I beat it in a couple of tries and then felt like an idiot for trying so hard before.


but, yeah, have patience and eventually you'll either figure out the key to the challenge, and/or you'll just get a really favourable spawn sequence where you pick up 5 or 6 nodes in a couple of seconds.


Hope this helps. :) 

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